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How to Install Window Shades

Window shades are a great way to keep the room cool, keeping the heat of the sun at bay. They likewise make for excellent complements to your interior décor. Sometimes, curtains are placed over the shades for double heat protection as well as an added touch to the décor. Most of the time however, the shades are enough to serve as an insulation and a decorative add-on to any room. If you’re only now considering installing shades, there are a few things that you need to look into prior. What Type of Shades Do You Want? Before looking up guides on how to install window shades, you first have...
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What Are Gate Latches?

Gate latches have been used for years in order to keep all types of fences closed-off or shut from outside the perimeter that the corresponding fence is designed to contain. The latches can range in complexity from a basic wire loop that is attached to a gate to be placed over a gate post to ones that are as complex as any door knob or dead bolt locking system. One of the more popular gate latch styles in use today is the sliding bolt latch due to their overall strength, ease of install, and overall low-cost. There are a number of styles and types of gate latches on the market today to include...
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How to Wire a House

You don’t need to hire someone when it comes to the task of wiring a house. However you do need the following. Required Tools and Materials Electrical wires Conduits Phone jack plates Screwdrivers Electrical tape Choose the Location The best way to set the wires is by having a central control area. This will make it easier to assess the situation in case something goes wrong. It also makes it easier to adjust settings if needed. The ideal location is the basement. If not, just choose a site that people don’t usually go to. Preparing the Site Clean the area first. Remove all other furniture...
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How to Build a Circular Deck

Most of them are in square or rectangular shape, so if you build a circular deck, yours will stand out. The good thing about it is it’s no less complicated than the average deck. Required Tools and Materials Brace (1 x 4) Saw Screws Bolts Screwdrivers Hammer Stain or paint Trammel (a type of compass available in hardware stores) Wood boards Straightedge Protractor Tape measure Paper and pencil for sketches Joists Concrete mixture (if necessary) Prepare the Site Because the structure is simple, you don’t need to make any detailed drawings. Instead you should clear the site. Remove any rocks...
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Sandstone Blocks

Sandstone is made up of silica cemented sand that occurs naturally and is usually white, red, yellow, or green. Sandstone blocks are large pieces of stone that can be further chiseled to make tiles, statues, slabs, monuments, or repositories and may or may not have been finished with a polished, honed, flamed, natural, or calibrated look. Over the past decade, the demand for sandstone blocks has continued to increase due to its look and feel. Sandstone Block Properties Sandstone’s composition is very similar to sand’s as it is primarily made up of quartz (93-95%). The natural cement...
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Acrylic Blocks

Acrylic blocks are a form of glass-like plastic that contains properties of both glass and plastic. Acrylic blocks or sheets are often used for windows, wall separations, and arts and craft because they are lightweight, flexible, and harmless to the user. Acrylic blocks can be shaped, molded, cut, placed into nearly any frame or opening, and provide the same function of a glass window in that light can pass through it. Applications Acrylic blocks have many different uses. For example, acrylic blocks are often used as a replacement or support barrier for glass windows. In fact, many glass windows...
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