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How to Use a Food Mill

Introduction A food mill is a kitchen utensil used to mashing or grinding food. It is also known as a puree sieve or passatutto. It is sort of like the juicer of solid foods. Here is how to use a food mill. Parts of a Food Mill A food mill has three major components: a bowl, a bottom with holes in it and a handle with blade attached. The food mill will grind food and then pass it down below into a separate container. The container may or may not be part of the food mill, depending on the model and brand. How to Use a Food Mill To use a food mill, follow these directions: 1. Assemble the food...
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How to Write a Job Transfer Letter

Do you want to let your boss know that you are interested in a newly posted position in the company? Are you interested in exploring and trying other career opportunities that the firm offers? Do you like to apply for vacant job positions in the other offices of the company? Then show your interest in the new position and send an effective job transfer request to your superiors. Discussed below are some of the tips that employees should follow if they want to know how to write a job transfer letter. Format and Parts A job transfer letter should follow the format of a business letter. It should...
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How to Write a Resume

What Makes Resume Writing Difficult Everyone has wondered how to write a resume at one point in their lives. Writing one becomes quite intimidating to some. The difficulty lies in not knowing what information to include, which ones to highlight, and what items in your resume should you de-emphasize. Hiring managers and human resource professionals get to read hundreds of resumes for various positions during their career. On average, a member of an HR staff will go over your resume for only about ten to 30 seconds. This means that if you organized your information incorrectly, you might not catch...
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How to Write a Reference Letter

Reference letters are important to companies or enterprises to assess the value of potential employees. In addition, the letters are also significant to job applicants to be hired since some firms use these to know the personalities and characteristics of prospective employees. Below is a quick guide to those who want to know how to write a reference letter. General Tips When writing a reference letter, always remember to keep it concise and brief. Be sure to write all the special skills, characteristics and talents of the applicant on a single-page reference letter. Always remember that the purpose...
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How Does a Reverse Mortgage Work?

How does a reverse mortgage work The standard mortgage is based on the equity in a home or property. A loan is taken out on the asset, and is paid back to the lender. This is great way to get extra cash, or finance ownership of the property. However, should you own your home there is an alternative that could help you avoid debt, and monthly payments. That course of action is a reverse mortgage. In a reverse mortgage, the value of the property is paid to the borrower, tax-free, meaning no monthly payments, or if the borrower wishes the loan amount can be given in a lump sum. How does a reverse...
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What is Business Intelligence?

In today’s increasingly commercialized world, it is important that everyone understands the concept of business intelligence and use this knowledge to better themselves both as consumers and producers. Business intelligence plays an integral role in how the commercial world is operated. What is business intelligence Business intelligence is the ability to identify, analyse and effectively respond to both quantitative and qualitative elements of businesses. Business intelligence also refers to computer applications used to gather, store and analyze business data. The contrast in definitions...
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