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How to Make a Pillowcase

When you’re living on your own, you may, perhaps, have thought about making yourself a handyman of sorts. There is nothing that can really compare to your own personal handiwork. Engaging in this can be an enlightening and budget-worthy. As such, when you rely on yourself as much as possible just like opting to learn how to make a pillowcase instead of purchasing them, you get more satisfied in return without spending your money. This is why many sewing projects are done by those who would also be using them. And what better way to enjoy engaging in sewing projects than when you are going to...
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How to Build a Dock

Building a dock can be a challenging project. But with the right tools and the right approach, the complexities can be reduced and the job more manageable. Required Tools and Materials Ladder Drill Fasteners Treated lumber Deck bumper Measuring tape Screws A circular saw Dock stringer An assistant Boat (optional) Preparatory Steps Measure the water depth. This is necessary so you’ll get the right type of lumber. Also get as much information as possible about the weather in the area. There are services you can hire to do this job. Only when you have this figured out should you get the materials...
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How to Embroidery

Embroidery is a wonderful technique to relax from a busy lifestyle nowadays. Some consider this as an old hobby that they learned from their grandma. If you know how to embroider then you can create an heirloom your children’s children can treasure. It’s also a great way to create items for your friends and someone special. As this old craft become popular again, these tips on how to embroider can be your guide. Simple Items You Need on How to Embroider Fabric: This is a piece of cloth or fabric that you will embroider. Beginners may use a cotton fabric. Choose also a light color fabric...
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How to Make Glycerin Soap

Glycerin is well known for its ability to moisturize human skin. It dissolves in water and is also considered an excellent solvent. Additionally, glycerin absorbs moisture from the air, which enhances its ability to be the primary agent in a moisturizer. In a classic soap making process, glycerin is a byproduct of the fat and lye that are combined since it is contained in the animal fat. Many major soap manufacturers remove glycerin from their soap, then use it in other higher-end bath products or lotions. As a result, many consumers prefer to make their own glycerin soap in order to enjoy the...
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How to Use a Speed Square

The Speed Square is a vital carpentry tool that was invented by Albert J. Swanson in 1925. It is a triangular-shaped square that aids carpenters to be accurate in their measurement. Here are the some of the uses of Speed Square that every carpenter should know – Try Square, Miter Square, Protractor, Line Scriber, and Saw Guide. Try Square One of the common uses of Speed Square is to make square lines at exactly 90 degrees to the edge of the board. You can accurately and speedily make square lines using this tool by placing the lipped fence against the edge of the board as you mark the square...
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How to Make a Bow and Arrow

If you want to make a bow and arrow, you need to do some planning too. As important as the actual building is the research. Required Tools and Materials Wood Arrowheads Sandpaper String Examine the Real Thing Go to shops and look at them. If possible, touch it so you get an idea of the texture. Look at the different designs. Some are simple, others are ornate. Keep note of the design you want included in your piece. The wood type you choose is also important. If you want them to last, get high quality types. Aside from shops take a look at books. If you are going to make a bow and arrow, the...
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