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How to Use Copic Markers

Before using Copic markers, prepare the necessary materials for your drawing. This will include a blender marker, marker paper and any other drawing materials you want to employ. Basic Marker Methods Prepare the color palette you’re going to use. Get the lightest marker in your palette. Add more depth to your illustrations by layering light colors over dark ones. For example, you can make shadows by mixing dark and light brown. Add some depth by layering the edges. Don’t forget to create a light source. To create texture, stippling the markers is recommended. Use this technique to split...
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How to Draw a Dragon

How to Draw a Dragon Drawing is an interesting visual art that uses several instruments such as a marker, color and a two-dimensional medium. It is very popular to artists because they can express their emotions and desires through this specific form of art. Amateurs who want to know the basics in drawing usually start with sketching attractive animals like dragons. To know how to draw a dragon, it is important to begin with learning the fundamental steps in outlining and detailing the image. Doing the Outline Head To mark the outline for the head of the dragon, use a light pencil and draw the...
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How to Draw a Cat

Cats are very versatile and agile creatures. They strike poses from cute looks, lying down bored, looking slyly, or even just standing there looking head on. The complex patterns you see on their fur also add to the challenge on how to draw a cat. The difficulty also lies in balancing how the legs and the rest of the body would look like to the torso. If you break down the process on how to draw a cat into logical steps then things will be made easier. Of course when you begin to draw one you shouldn’t expect to get the best looking cat the first time. It would be great if you have a cat...
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How to Draw Anime

Also known as the shortened form of the word ‘animation,’ anime refers to Japanese comics and animation that started in 1917. The term is also used by Japanese to refer to a specific form of art that varies from studio to studio and artist to artist. Anime is very popular because it is influenced by Japanese painting as well as Japanese calligraphy. Aside from this, the art form also has great impact on world culture when it comes to entertainment. Below are the guidelines that individuals should follow if they want to know how to draw anime. Head Steps The first step in drawing the head of...
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How to Draw a Rose

Do you like to practice your artistic skills? Do you want to impress your loved one by illustrating a beautiful and attractive flower? Do you like to know how to draw a rose? Below are the simple instructions for illustrating an alluring and lovely rose. Required Materials This activity is very simple and the required materials are few. To start this project, get a pencil, preferably number two pencil that you will use to make the illustration. Aside from the pencil, you will need a clean eraser to remove unnecessary curves and lines in the drawing. Another important material that will be used...
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How to Draw Flames

One of the most popular and interesting kinds of visual art, drawing is easy to learn if artists are dedicated. By learning the basic steps in outlining and detailing, this form of art helps individuals express their emotions by illustrating images and figures with the use of a pencil as well as a two dimensional medium. To practice the artistic skills of amateurs, it is best that they start with illustrations that have simple shapes and lines like flames. Below are the simple guidelines that people should know if they want to know how to draw flames. Steps Making an Outline The first step is to...
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