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How to Make a Trap

There are many ways to make a trap, depending on how and what it is intended to be used for. Here are some simple but effective traps. Create a Boobie Trap Required Materials A door Tape String Spoon Wood Small objects (marble, jellybean etc) Step 1 Get the string and tape on one wall to another. This should be done in a narrow spot, like a hallway or corridor. Step 2 Get a piece of wood and place it on its side against the wall. It should be diagonal to the floor. This means that minus the string support, the wood would fall along the wall. Step 3 Place a spoon where the wood is going to fall....
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How to Build a Bottle Rocket

Learning how to build a bottle rocket is not that hard. This tutorial includes both making the bottle fly and also constructing the launching pad. Tools and Equipment Bottle (two liters) Rubber cement Marker or pen Paint thinner Balsa wood (get several sheets) A manila folder Tape For the launching pad get the following ready: Wood (2 x 4) Test tube stopper (number 4) Copper tubing Nails (2) Hose clamp Driller Water (3 cups) Air pump Screws Electrical knockout junction box Steel bar (1/8 in wide) String Preparing the Bottle Remove any contents in the bottle. Take out the label too. If necessary...
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How to Use Trekking Poles

When embarking for the great outdoors, one should always carry the proper gear and have the knowledge to use them. As such, it is important to learn how to use trekking poles in helping keep one’s balance during a hike, among other useful functions. For the first step of how to use trekking poles; the pole should be grasped with both hands positioned on each side of the topmost lock to unscrew it and lengthen its first section. The pole is held firmly in one’s left hand while only their right hand is turned towards them in order for the pole to be loosened. The right hand then pulls out...
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How to Snowboard

When learning how to snowboard, having a qualified instructor or friend with you is a good idea. They’ll be able to point out your mistakes and also help you with some of the basic movements. Even then, you need to practice consistently to master it. Put on Your Gear Put on your helmet. It shouldn’t be loose and must be set low. It should be a snug fit, but not feel cramped. The same rule applies with the boots. If it’s too loose, it might come off. If it’s too tight, circulation will be tight. Wear a pair of socks. They shouldn’t be tight. The Lead Foot If you’re left handed, lead...
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How to Solve a Rubiks Cube

To solve a Rubik’s Cube, the squares must be turned so the sides have a single color. Here is a technique that beginners can use to solve this challenging puzzle. Step 1 Choose a corner square at the upper right hand portion. Turn the cube so the middle square and the corner square match the edges. This will be on the top side. Step 2 Turn the Rubik’s Cube on the left. Turn the cube so the top right hand corner color corresponds to the front and top. Keep repeating this until you have all the top corners matched up. Step 3 Find and set the cubes to finish the top layer. Keep in mind the top...
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How to Make a Toga

Throwing a toga party is a good theme option that you could choose when setting up a get-together among friends, family, or colleagues. A toga party is Roman inspired. Toga is a piece of clothing popularly used by the Romans in the earlier times. But toga is also used widely today, especially in toga parties as well as costume parties. Of course, part of the preparation for a toga party is creating your toga costume. In this article, we give you a guideline on how to make a toga. * The things you will need to make a toga include a fabric that is between five to six yards, some pins, and a rope...
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