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How to Knit a Scarf

Learning how to knit a scarf can be a fun pass time or a lovely bonding moment between family and friends. The art of knitting scarves is quite possibly as old as time, and while the purposes may have changed from necessity to recreational, knitting scarves is always a welcomed pass time. Tools Yarn Needles (nickel needles are recommended, they are lightweight and durable, some even come with interchangeable tips). Crochet hook (purchase these hooks according to the thickness of your yarn, the store clerk will best advise you) Scissors Casting on Before one can start knitting, casting of the...
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How to Braid Hair

Tools Hair moisturizer Spritz or moose for hold Large comb Fishtail comb How to make English braids Method   Take a section of your hair, the larger the section the larger the braid. Comb the section and divide into three equal parts. At the root of your hair, take the right section and cross it over the middle section. Your middle piece is now your right piece and your right piece is now your middle piece. Take the left piece and cross it over what is now the middle piece substituting it for the middle piece which now becomes your left piece. Continue with this action until you get to...
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How to Use False Nails

Persons who have short or brittle nails may be seeking a solution that goes beyond a regular manicure. A cheaper alternative to the salon application of  false nails are the do it yourself versions that can be bought at any beauty store or pharmacy. Which nails should you choose? Persons who are experimenting with false nails will find a variety to try. There are various shapes, colors, patterns and lengths to choose from. If you are just starting out with false nails, or do a lot of typing or cooking for example, it is recommended to try a shorter style first.  Larger nail application kits will...
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How to Apply Scene Makeup

Dramatic smoky eyes, nude lips, a barely there foundation, and light powder as your base. This is the basic idea of scene make up. There is no specific definition of this practice but it is a style of makeup that allows a woman to express herself. Scene makeup is not for the faint of heart; it is geared towards an emo/ punk style look, so prepare to be seen. Some people may think the bigger the better, or the darker the eyes the better but there is a fine line between looking like a celebrity rock star and looking like a mess. Your attitude, clothing and hairstyle are a big part of the scene makeup...
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How to Make Hair Bows

People can use hair bows to express their fashion sense. Young girls and adult women both look good while sporting these simple yet very beautiful fashion accessories. By learning how to make hair bows, they can look fashionably good and cool whenever they want. It is very easy to make and can be used even in ordinary days as well as in special occasions. Materials Needed People can use different ways to learn how to make hair bows. One of the cheapest and widely used materials in creating such beautiful fashion accessory is a ribbon. As alternatives, they can also use either a headband or a hair...
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How to Become a Barber

If you’re the type of person who loves to hang out and interact with people while styling another fellows hair then why not become a barber? There are those who dream of becoming a barber and how to become a barber isn’t that hard either. Following the instructions below will make things a bit easier. Observe and Resolve If you totally really want to be a barber then you should first see what happens in the barber shop or salon all day. This will be the best first step on how to become a barber. You might want to talk to the barber you go to regularly and ask if you can shadow him....
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