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Kidney Failure Symptoms

The kidney is a very important organ in the body. There are times however when due to many reasons, the kidney fails. Medical practitioners for years have studied what kidney failure symptoms are, and how can they be minimized. We first need to explain what is the kidney and it’s functions. It is found that that the kidneys are organs having a range of functions. They play an integral role in the urinary system, and have other functions including the monitoring of electrolytes, and maintenance of blood pressure. Kidneys are a natural filter of the blood, and remove the body’s waste,...
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Eye Pain

What is Eye Pain? Each person interprets pain differently and in most cases, persons tend to confuse eye pain with symptoms such as headaches, they are however not associated. Eye pain is usually described as sore, itchy, burning and throbbing amongst other words. A pain in the eye should be taken seriously, one’s first attempt should not be to take care of this on their own, as this may cause it to worsen and as such it is greatly recommended that once pain is felt in the eye, the assistance of an ophthalmologist is sought. Eye pain is usually ocular or orbital; the word ocular suggests...
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Rheumatic Fever

Rheumatic fever is basically an inflammatory disease resulting from Group A streptococcal infection. Its similarities with rheumatism (which encompasses medical problems impacting the tissues and joints) gave it its name. Rheumatic fever occurs two to three weeks after infection by streptococcal infections like strep throat or scarlet fever. Those more likely to become affected by rheumatic fever are children within the age range of 5 and 15. Many parts of the body could be affected by the disease for instance the brain, joint or skin or the heart. People aged 25 to 35 are most likely affected...
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Liver Disease Symptoms

The liver is a very vital organ in the body which performs several usually unnoticeable but very important functions. As such, everyone should know about the liver, its function and the causes of liver damage and liver disease symptoms.  This information will help individuals to safeguard an essential organ. The Liver and its functions The liver is a very important bodily organ which exists in vertebrates and many other animals. It performs several functions which includes protein synthesis, detoxification and production of biochemicals which are used in the digestive process. The liver...
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How to Choose an E-Cigarette

E Cigarettes are quickly becoming a widely-used alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. The devices are not permitted to be marketed as smoking cessation devices by the FDA, and are not designed as such. Instead, electronic cigarettes are made to deliver vapor smoke consisting of nicotine in varied strengths, flavoring, and a vapor producing agent such as propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. The vapor produced by the e cigarette does not smell, produce second hand smoke, and as a result make it acceptable to use the devices in many places that traditional smoking is banned. A common dilemma...
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Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

In order to stay healthy, it is very important to maintain a lower blood pressure. By doing this, you are free from the negative effects of high blood pressure or hypertension. More importantly, you can save yourself from the other possible complications of the disease such as hypertensive encephalopathy, left ventricular hypertrophy as well as myocardial infarction. Save yourselves from these serious medical conditions by learning the different ways to lower blood pressure. Important Steps in the Management of Blood Pressure Take the Appropriate Medications Before taking any kind drugs, it is...
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