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Inflammatory Heart Disease

What is Inflammatory Heart Disease? Inflammatory Heart Disease (IHD) refers to the inflammation of muscles located inside the heart, this inflammation is usually caused by an infection, or irritation from a virus, or bacteria. The type of IHD that one can develop is generally differentiated as myocarditis, pericarditis or endocarditis. Types of Inflammatory Heat Disease What is Myocarditis? Myocarditis is an inflammatory Heart condition which involves the infection of the heart by bacteria or viruses. Most of  these infections are viral, which attack the muscles of the heart, and later lead...
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What Causes Down Syndrome?

What is Down syndrome? Down syndrome is a disorder in the amount of chromosomes that makes up the human body. Down syndrome is sometimes referred to as Trisomy 21, the disorder leads to defects in the mental, and physical growth of a child. The features of Down syndrome may vary in each affected individual, and studies have shown that the condition cannot be prevented. What causes of Down syndrome? In most cases, curious persons may wonder what causes Down syndrome. Down syndrome is caused by the presence of an additional duplicate of genetic material on part, if not all, of the 21st chromosome,...
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Congestive Heart Failure Symptoms

What is congestive heart failure? Congestive heart failure or CHF manifests when the heart gradually loses its ability to pump sufficient levels of oxygenated blood throughout the body. It is often triggered by disorders that cause heart muscle deterioration, rigidity of the heart muscle or diseases that increase the demand for oxygenated blood within the body, thereby decreasing the heart’s ability to provide an adequate supply. The condition has the potential to affect several organs. It often affects the kidneys when the heart no longer pumps enough blood throughout the body. They become...
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Chronic Pancreatitis

When inflammation of the pancreas, or acute pancreatitis doesn’t heal, or improve, but rather gets worse over time, and causes permanent damage, the resulting condition is called chronic pancreatitis. The pancreas is an enzyme, and hormone producing organ which can be found behind the stomach. The enzymes created by the pancreas are necessary for the digestion of food. Persons who have a higher risk of having the illness, are individuals in the 30-40 age group. Women are however less likely to have this illness. Chronic Pancreatitis Causes Acute pancreatitis, which is the ailment that precedes...
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Persistent Cough

Persistent cough denotes a succession of unrelenting coughs. A cough is basically a defense mechanism of the body that is used to rid the respiratory tract of mucus and irritations that are dusty or smoky. A cough can either be dry or chesty. Dry coughs usually take place when the throat and upper respiratory tract has been inflamed. Generally the cough is dry because no mucus is produced. The brain may think that the cause of inflammation in the throat or upper respiratory tract is as a result of the presence of a foreign object, and so it sends signals to initiate coughs to remove it. The signal...
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IBS Symptoms

IBS or irritable bowel syndrome as it is known is a condition which affects the excretory system. Specifically speaking IBS affects the intestines. IBS symptoms tend to occur following a meal, during times of stress, or at some point in menstruation There is no known direct cause for IBS. The illness may be due to any of a number of factors. These include problems with the immune system, stress or a flaw in the manner in which the muscles transport food through the stomach and bowel. Impact of IBS IBS does not have a significant impact on a person’s health and it is incapable of inflicting...
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