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Dance Hip Hop

Hip hop dance is a style of dance developed in the 1970’s with the inception of hip hop music. This style of dance is considered an integral part of the hip hop culture and because the style of dance changes with the evolution of hip hop music then hip hop dancing is considered to be part of the popular culture. Influenced by Latino, African, Caribbean and American black culture, hip hop dance combines a lot of different dance moves that flow smoothly with the music. Hip hop dances are distinctive and easily recognizable. A unique plus is that it allows you to add your own flare and attitude. The...
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How to Use Heelys

Before you start using Heelys, make sure you’re wearing safety pads. If you’re just practicing, this will be necessary so you don’t get injured. Putting on Your Heelys Get out the Heelys tool. Use it to take out the flat piece on the shoe’s bottom. Install the wheels. The wheels are in place when you hear a clicking sound. Stomp on the wheel. If it’s locked in, it won’t come off. Look for an empty road or lot. It needs to have a bit of slope (for beginners, it shouldn’t be too steep). How to Start Using Heelys Begin pushing off with your right or left foot. Now pull it back using...
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How to Use an Mp3 Player

It’s true that using an mp3 player will depend on how it was designed. Fortunately, there are fundamental principles followed by nearly all music players. Putting Songs in the Mp3 Player If your music player came with software, install it. This software will let you copy songs to the unit and perform other file management duties. You can also download or buy music management applications from the Web. Methods for transferring songs to the mp3 player will depend on the software included (if any). Start by linking the cable to the mp3 player. Plug the other end to the USB port. When using an mp3...
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Freestyle Rap

Freestyle rap has become a thoroughly enjoyable hobby for young adults and many persons have made a career out of free style rapping. But, what exactly is freestyle rap and how can one learn to freestyle rap. One source cites freestyle rapping as ?a form of popular music developed especially in African-American urban communities and characterized by spoken or chanted rhyming lyrics with a strong rhythmic accompaniment? ( Freestyle rap is normally done to a beat or rhythm, but can be performed a cappella. The words are not known or rehearsed and they normally...
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How to Use a Rifle Scope

It is always important to be familiar with one’s weapon of choice. When it comes to shooting a rifle, learning how to use a rifle scope is a vital part of one’s recreational shooting education. The first step in how to use a rifle scope is to properly set up the target. The conventional distance for firing a rifle is from 100 up to 150 yards away. While using a rifle scope does enable one to take aim at a target positioned at an even farther distance, this does not necessarily guarantee an entirely accurate shot. Shooting from the ideal distance would at least improve one’s odds of hitting...
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How to Use a Turkey Call

A turkey call is an important and useful piece of equipment when you go turkey hunting. You might have noticed that domesticated turkeys don’t act so smart. However, their wild counterparts are nothing like them. They are a rather crafty prey, which calls for smarter ways of hunting them. We’ll give you some tips on how to use a turkey call that would add more to your hunting success. Getting a Turkey Call The first step of course is to actually buy one that works. Now there are various types of calls out there when you check out any sporting goods store. If you’re just a beginner...
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