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Who Invented Zero

There are many theories and speculations regarding who invented zero. One of the most persistent is that the number was first used in 9th century AD India. According to some legends, the number was invented by the Indian mathematician Aryabhata. Other Theories Not all historians agree. Some are of the opinion that it was created by Pingala the Indian scholar. Together with other researchers, they used certain Sanskrit words that when translated was zero. There are also suggestions that the number did not originate in India. According to some accounts, the number was employed by the Mayan civilization...
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How Does a Battery Work

If you are wondering how does a battery work, remember that they change chemical energy to electrical energy. Batteries have chemicals that produce reactions that are electrochemical in nature. By generating electrical power, they become portable generators. Inside a Battery Batteries have cells that are capable of transmitting voltage. A couple of half-cells are linked with an electrolyte. This is responsible for the charge transfer. The majority of commercially available batteries are comprised of zinc/carbon or alkaline/manganese. A half-cell or single battery has a positive electrode while...
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How to Use a Neti Pot

Although becoming popular, not everyone is familiar with the ways of using a neti pot. The following information will show how it is prepared and used. Required Materials Warm water Neti Pot Baking soda Saline solution 1/4 tsp of salt (not iodized) Instructions Put the warm water in the neti pot. Mix in the saline solution. If you bought the solution, you can just add it in the mix. To make your own, mix 1/4 tsp of salt (not iodized) with a pinch of baking soda. Mix this into the warm water. Hold the neti pot and stand over a sink. Hold the pot with your right hand. Put the hole in your right...
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How Long Can I Collect Unemployment?

Workers who lose their employment may receive monetary payments through their unemployment insurance. Employees should have become unemployed not because of their own fault. Those who become unemployed and are covered by such insurance terms may collect unemployment benefits. We’ll cover several pointers on collecting any of the said benefits. Eligibility In order for you to collect any unemployment benefits you should pass certain eligibility criteria. Depending on the insurance you signed up for, you either have to meet certain wages earned or have a certain number amount of years worked...
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Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming, also known as NLP, is a type of study which merges psychotherapy, interpersonal communications, and the study of language, change, and communications. Neuro Linguistic Programming was originally founded by Richard Bandler during his work with John Grinder, a linguist, throughout the 1970s. It was developed as a method of understanding personal development from a psychotherapy point of view. Neuro Linguistic Programming does not simply discuss psychotherapy, however, as it can also be used to describe interpersonal communications, linguistics, and cognitive sciences...
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Diamond Abrasives

The term “diamond abrasive” refers to any abrasive material consisting of diamonds or diamond powder. An abrasive is a hard material that is used to wear away the surface of another material. Abrasives can be used to drill, cut, shape, sand, buff, hone, or sharpen objects and can be made from a wide variety of minerals or other materials. Diamond abrasives are the best due to their hardness and can be found in the form of bonded or coated abrasives. How do Diamond Abrasives Work? Diamond abrasives are very simplistic in design and function as they simply consist of an applicator that...
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