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Ways to Tell a Guy Likes You

It’s hard to tell if a guy likes you especially when everyone seems to be nice and thoughtful during friendships. Most young people fear misinterpreting acts of kindness for hints of special attention or love. But fear no more. Here are ways to tell a guy likes you derived from years of actual relationship counseling experience. Obvious Uneasiness When a man shows signs of uneasiness when you are around, that extra consciousness of your presence says he likes you. Signs like blushing, stuttering, or suddenly being quiet when you are close to him or when you suddenly show up where he is should...
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Ways to Propose Marriage

Marriage proposal is the final moment when a man tries his luck on a woman. It is usually well prepared for because it often defines the future of a relationship. Some men are at a loss on how to start it. So here are ways to propose marriage to a would-be life partner. The Classical Wedding Ring Present Among timeless ways to propose marriage is to present the woman with a wedding ring as a gift. The first step here is a fine dining date in a posh and romantic restaurant. If possible, dinner is even accompanied with special soft music and tall glasses of champagne. After dinner and a short nice...
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Ways to Tease a Guy

Knowing the ways to tease a guy is one thing, but actually pulling it off is another matter. Here are the things you need to keep in mind. How to Dress Properly Wear clothes that show only a bit of skin. If you wear pants, expose your arms or belly button. If you’re donning sleeved shirts, put on a short skirt. Never wear short and tight clothes; it is too provocative. Don’t wear long and baggy clothes because your figure won’t show. The bottom line: wear clothes that leave something to the imagination. Wearing a perfume is recommended but don’t overdo it. One of the best ways to tease...
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Ways to Please a Man

Usually it doesn’t take much to make guys happy. If you’re still searching for ways to please a man, consider the following suggestions. Keep Yourself in Shape It’s true relationships should go beyond physical attraction, but it is still a major factor. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for two months or 20 years. To keep your man happy, you’ve got to maintain your figure. You don’t need any special diet pills to do this. You just need to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. You won’t just look attractive for your man, but you’ll feel good about yourself too. Learn...
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Ways to Impress Girls

There are several ways to impress girls, but some methods have proven their worth through the years. Here are the essential do’s and don’ts. Grooming and Hygiene are Important Brush your teeth, comb your hair and put on clean clothes. You don’t need to wear expensive stuff; just make sure the clothes fit you. Your physical appearance is the first thing she’ll see, so try to be as presentable as possible. Attitude and Manners You don’t want to appear like a nervous weakling, but you can’t afford to be cocky either. You should be friendly, outgoing and a good conversationalist. Listen...
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Ways to Kiss Your Boyfriend

There are no limits to the ways to kiss your boyfriend. Here are some kissing styles you can try. Amusing Ways to Kiss Your kisses don’t always need to be serious and emotional. For something more fun, try kissing him all over the face quickly. When you kiss him on the cheeks, move your face close so your eyes make contact with his cheek. When you kiss, blink. This results in a ticklish feeling. You can try this on his neck too. If you’re in a public place or with other people, a little peck will be enough. This is a nice reminder of how much you love him without distracting people. Another...
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