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An IP address is a logical address that is assigned by the network administrator to a computer available in the network. The IP address of a computer acts like its mailing address as it is used to identify the computer for transferring data and for communication purposes. Whenever you connect to Internet, you’re identified with the IP address assigned to the computer you’re using. This forms the basis of requirement to change the IP address. IP addresses are usually changed for the reasons of privacy and security.

If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns dynamic IP addresses then you don’t need to change any setting so as to change your IP address. All you need to do is to disconnect from the Internet and then reconnect to it. Dynamic IP address associated with a computer changes every time computer connects to the Internet. You need to change settings in case your ISP does not assign dynamic IP addresses. Procedure to change the IP address depends on the operating system you’re using.

Steps for changing IP address for Windows 9x and Windows ME users

• Click ‘Start’ and find the link to ‘Control Panel’. Click it to access ‘Control Panel’.
• Upon accessing ‘Control Panel’, click on ‘Network’ and then click on ‘Network Card’.
• After clicking ‘Network Card’, click the ‘TCP/IP’. You will then see the option to change the IP address. Use it to change the IP address.

Steps for changing IP address for Windows XP and Windows 2000 users

• Click ‘Start’ and find the option to go to ‘Control Panel’. Enter the ‘Control Panel’ and go to ‘Network Connections’.
• Find ‘Local Area Connection’, right click it and choose ‘Properties’ from the available options.
• Find the link to ‘TCP/IP’, click it, and change ‘TCP/IP’ settings to change your IP address.

In case above mentioned procedures don’t work for you, try to contact your ISP and submit the request to change the IP address. You will be provided either with new settings which use different IP address or with instructions to change the IP address. Generally ISPs have special procedures for managing IP address change requests and you could be even asked for justifying the IP address change request.

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