The Importance of Passwords

Passwords are one of the important things for any system. It will help you to maintain your identity so that others will not be able to view your account. You need to have a good password otherwise your password is likely to be hacked by others. Once they are successful in hacking your password they easily view your account. Generally, a password is made of many characters or digits and will not use any special character or a white space in between. In some systems passwords are case sensitive. Here you need to be extremely careful and remember to type the correct password accordingly. This is because some of the system will have some restriction and if you are mistyping the password repeatedly it is likely that your account will be denied access and you need to then go through the procedure that is in place in the system.

Most people are not aware where they will generally use the password. For instance if you are going to use a computer system for instance which may be shared by plenty of the people then you need to have a separate username and then you need to choose a password. Whenever you wish to use the computer you need to type the username and the password in order to access your account. By this way other people who are using the same computer will not be able to view the content that you have over the computer. Password has many uses and applications and it is really one of the secure ways of protecting your information.

Anyone who types the username and the password that you have will be considered as the owner for the account and the computer will automatically grants the access or the permission to access the information that are present in your username. There are several things that you need to consider when you are going to choose the password. This is because your password is very important and any things that happen in your account, you are solely responsible for it. If others find out your username and your password and if they do something wrong then you will be held responsible for that. So make sure that when you choose the password it should be very confidential. Make a good and a strong password.

If you are going to choose a password which is not good then it means that your security of your account is not very good and there is always a fear that your account is going to be hacked and they will be able to access all the information that you have in your account. This is why we are stressing that the password that you choose should be good and a strong one.  You need to realize the importance of having a strong password. Remember the password that you choose is only going to protect all the information that you have in your account. Keep this in your mind when you are selecting the password.

You cannot be assured that the password you choose is a secure one. This is because password crackers will be able to identify your password. The only way by which you will be able to succeed them is to keep a password that will make the crackers time a lot. By this way the cracker will feel disgusted and will leave this work and ultimately you could be successful. If you are looking for a tips that will help you to select the best password then this article will be of great help to you as this deals with the ‘dos’ and the ‘don’ts’ when you are going select the password.

Some of the ways which you should not adopt when you are going to select the password

1)      When you choose a password remember that you do not have your personal information or the details as the password.  For instance the information about your family or the name of your daughter etc. The person who is trying to find the password of yours will first try these things only. Using the family details as your password is considered as one of the most unsecure passwords.

2)      Try to have a password that cannot be figured out using a dictionary. The longer the password that you have for your account, the easier for the people to find your password. If you are using a word that is familiar for the people or one of the commonly used words in your languages, then the hackers could make use of the cracker tools that are available and can easily figure out your password.

3)      When you choose a password then you should not give the password like the names or any proper noun or any places as they take only less amount of the time to find your passwords for the hackers.

4)      Don’t simply have a password that consists of variation of a word. Although these password are secured than the one that are mentioned above, they are not as secure as one may think.

5)      Don’t simply try to write two words continuous as they are also not very safe. When you compare this kind of the password with those mention above these are safe then those methods but still you will be able to find a password that is good and you can feel safe that your password cannot be hacked.

6)      Don’t use the password again that you have used in your previous times. If you are planning to use them again feeling that you are unable to find a safe secure password, then you need to have changed at least for a minimum of 5 times or you should have used the password at least a year before.

Some of the ways by which you will be able to select a password

1)      If you think that someone has found your password then you need to change your password as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate or think over it for a long time. The more the time that you take to change your password the more the time that you are giving for the person who found out your password to access your information that you have in your account.

2)      Never write the password or any username for your account anywhere in your paper or keep them in a place where people will be able to see them easily without having any kind of the problem. If you think that you will forget your password then write them down and keep them in a place where no one will be able to see them and only you should know the place where you have kept them.

3)      One of the safe way by which you can ensure that your password is safe is that you need to keep on changing your password regularly over a period of time at some regular interval. By this way you can be successful in providing no clue to the people who are trying to hack your password. This is one of the widely used methods by many people.

4)      A safe way by which you will be able to select a good and strong password is choosing a thing that has a mixture of capital letters, special characters and numbers. By this way the hacker will find it very difficult to find out your password. This is one of the effective strategies that you can employ while you are going to choose the password.

5)      If possible you can interchange the values  for the numbers and the words values so that it will not be very easy for the people to identify the password by the others.

6)      It is really not advisable for you to use a password that is considered as very lengthy. The longer the password that you have for your account the easier for the people to find your password. Try to restrict your password within the 14 characters. Experts do not recommend a password that is longer than 14 characters.

7)      One of the effective strategies that are used by the experts is the password phrases. You need to use a phrase for your password. However, most computers and systems  do not allow these kind of password. All you need to do is to choose a password that is considered as the best. Before choosing the passwords try to think a list of the password and choose the one which you considered as the best and a strong password.

Maintaining the secrecy of the password

If you are one who is having a large number of the passwords for large number of the network, then it is quite natural that you will not be able to remember these entire password as it is the natural tendency of the people to forget things. For this you can use the good encryption password software in your computer that will allow you to store the password. You will have a master password for this and with the help of this you will be able to view the entire password that you have for all other network that you are using.

If you are using many system then you need to ensure that you should not use the same password for not more than one system as if the hacker identify one then he will be able to access all the network for which you are  a part of. When you are saying your password to anyone remember that you should not convey them through the mail or the messenger as people will be able to easily view them and your password will become susceptible and the others can view your password with the help of the mail that you have sent to the others.

Never tell your password to anyone and never use shared password until and unless it becomes unavoidable. As far as possible try to keep in mind that you need to maintain the privacy of your password. Never tell to anyone about your password even if they are a trustable friend or the partner.

Two factors authentication

One of the main drawbacks of the password system is that the user or the administrator will not be able to determine or differentiate between the legal user and the hacker. Whoever has the password will be able to enter the account and will be able to access the information. Now there are many advanced versions that are available that will help you to safeguard your information. They are considered as extremely safe as they involve your biological information. If you need to log into your accounts then you need to have your finger prang, retina detection, voice input and various other things. These things are considered as extremely safe as the password methods as it is really difficult to break these kinds of the security measures. These kinds of the systems came into existence more than a decade ago and they are proven to be extremely useful for the people to protect the information. They are very authentic and are one of the things that are used by the mankind in order to maintain the secrecy of the account. You will not be able to simply hack this kind of the account as you simply do for hacking the password. The technology is keep on expanding everyday and with that safety measures is also increasing. They are very reliable.

Now a day, a lot of improvement is there in the field of the password and related field. The developments in these fields are r enormous to the extent  of which we cannot even think. So, before choosing the method that you are going to adapt for password, think about the security features.

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