The IP address is an IPv4 address, and it is a part of the range defined for private IP addresses. It is mainly used in business intranets and local home networks. It can be used simultaneously on several private networks. Special thing about this IP address is that several companies use it as the default IP address for their networking devices. Belkin and SMC two such brand names. They set as the default IP address at the factory itself.

It should be noted that only one device on a network should use this IP address. Otherwise, problems will arise because of the IP address conflict. However, different networks can use this IP address at the same time. Again, only one device on any network should use this IP address. Network Address Translation (NAT) is required for allowing devices using private addresses to communicate with computers reachable through Internet.

Several companies set as the default IP address but it doesn’t have to be. If this address is already in use, then you can change the default IP address of the router to avoid problems caused by IP address conflict. Default IP address can be changed by using the options available in the administrative console. To enter the administrative console, you need to point the web browser to If you’re asked for password and username, then enter them correctly in order to access the administrative console. If you’re unsure of username and password, then use the router manual to find them.

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