Carnivore Diet

A carnivore is usually referred to as a meat eater; they take their essential nutrient and energy from the consumption of meat. The consumption of meat is a great source for providing the body with its needed protein, also contributing to a healthy diet. However, some meat is actually healthier than others. If an individual is interested in starting a carnivore diet, it is important that they make themselves aware of the types of meat that is good for their health.

The amount of meat in a Carnivore diet

Generally meats contain a lot of protein, sometimes more than what the body actually needs, and as such it should be limited to the amount the body really needs. It is recommended that the meat becomes a side dish as opposed being the main focus of the meal.  The consumption of chopped chicken breasts mixed in stir-fried in pasta and vegetables and a serving of a cup of brown rice, is more nutritional than chicken and salad itself. The consumption of meat really isn’t a requirement for meeting nutritional standards. Protein can be found in other food such as dairy and soy products as well as beans and nuts. A Variation of the food group in your diet is healthier than just one food group alone.

Types of meat to avoid in a carnivore diet

Typically, the consumption of red meats such as beef and pork is usually recommended to be done in moderation, only once per week. Red meat contains an extremely high amount of saturated fat, which usually cause an individual’s cholesterol level to become high and this is a common contributing factor to heart disease. When purchasing red meat, lean cuts and cuts with trimmed fat is usually recommended as these are more nutritional.

Organ meats such as kidney and liver contain a lot of cholesterol, and as such they should be eaten in moderations. The consumption of processed meats such as sausage and bologna should not be eaten often as they are linked to the development of cancer in the stomach.

The way in which meat is cooked, normally helps in the determination of whether or not it is healthy. Generally, the frying of food in excess fat is unhealthy and the same applies for meat, as this usually increases the amount of calories present in your body. Meat that is grilled or roasted and even broiled is very healthy, as these processes remove the fat that the meat contains.

Types of meat to include in a Carnivore Diet

Meats such as chicken and turkey are referred to as white meat; they contain a low amount of fat that can be escaped if the skin is removed. Generally, fish is the most essential source for providing the body with its needed protein. The consumption of fatty fishes such as salmon n trout is highly recommended, as they contain omega -3, which is a contributing factor to a healthy heart.

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Carnivore Diet

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