How to Install Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation is a type of building insulation derived from plant cellulose materials. Cellulose is plant fiber and is used to make everyday items that we use. These everyday items such as newspapers, cardboard, saw dust, straw and other cellulose by products are used to make cellulose insulation. The insulation is made by grinding these particles and compacting them for use as insulators. The most common type of material used for cellulose insulation is newspapers. Cellulose insulation is especially important in temperate regions. It behaves as a barrier to cold and heat by sealing your home and preventing the outside climate to infiltrate and the inside climate from escaping. Other advantages to cellulose insulation are that it is fire retardant due to chemical additives, it works as a vapor barrier, it provides you with sound insulation and also provides superior control from pests and mold. Some disadvantages include the drying time of wet cellulose, the need to hire experts in the field if you do not plan to undertake the project yourself and the need to apply for and receive permission based on the building codes in your state.

Types of cellulose insulation

Loose fill/ dry cellulose
Used to retrofit old homes by drilling holes into the top of walls and then blowing the cellulose inside them. If used in new homes a professional should be hired as the density of the finished insulation is important and is best gauged by a professional.

Wet spray/ spray applied
Used mainly in new homes, water is added to the cellulose while spraying. It is best to add chlorine bleach to prevent the buildup of mold or the occurrence of mold cultures.

Stabilized cellulose
Used for attic and roof insulation and requires less water.

Low dust cellulose
Used for all types of insulation and has gained popularity due to its low dust content.

Installation of cellulose insulation
More than likely you will choose a low dust dry cellulose insulation material to install in your home. For this you do not need water. If you are using a wet spray cellulose you will need to add water while spraying and to your water some chlorine bleach.


  • Dust masks
  • Protective clothing
  • Compact cellulose insulation material
  • Insulation blower (you may rent this machine, ensure you have a complete understanding of how it works before you start to use it)

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