Fun Road Trip Games

Being stuck in a car with anyone for a long period of time can really start to get to you. There is limited space, and not much to do. For those long car rides with friends or family there is nothing better than some fun road trip games.

I Spy
One person picks something that everyone can see, then gives them a clue as to what it is, beginning with the classic phrase ?I spy with my little eye?. For example, ?I spy with my little eye something that is orange?. Then pick a characteristic of the object. To make it really fun and challenging it can’t be too obvious and you should pick something that has multiple choices. The person who guesses correctly is the next ?spy?.

20 Questions
Similar to I Spy, but this time the object is in your mind, and it can be anything. One person thinks of something, and the others have a maximum of 20 Questions to ask to get clues to try to figure it out. The person who first guesses correctly is the winner. The questions cannot be too probing: you can’t ask to tell the answer. Good questions would be: ?Is it a person? Is this person dead or alive? What is their gender??, and so on.

This game is really simple: the person who spots the most Volkswagen Beetles first wins. The first person who sees it punches the others on the arm. Remember to have fun and try not to get too out of hand.

The Alphabet Game
Choose a topic, such as animals. Then choose the order of the people. From A to Z each person has to name an animal beginning with the letter that is up when it is their turn. Anyone who is unable to or hesitates for too long is out until the last one standing is the winner, if you reach to Z without getting a winner, the remaining people go again from A until someone messes up. Then winner chooses the new topic.

Guess that tune
Persons hum, sing or whistle a tune and the others try to guess. To really up the ante, and so that no one gets an unfair advantage use the car radio, hit the seek button and the person who is able to guess the title of most songs wins.

A is for
In this fun road trip game, someone picks a letter, and the first person to spot three things which start with that letter wins.

Odds and Evens
You’ll need to be in pairs for this one. Each person picks either odd or even. Then at the count of three you both hold up a certain number of fingers, if the sum of both persons’ fingers is odd then the person who chose odd wins, or vice versa.

The best part of the trip may be the destination but there is no reason you can’t have fun getting there. So for your next road trip we hope you enjoy these fun road trip games.

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