How to Get in Shape Fast

Getting into shape does not have to turn into a six month long activity. There are simple, easy and hassle free ways to get in shape fast. Below, we have presented a simple guide on how to get in shape fast.

It All Begins in the Mind

Getting in shape fast begins with a positive attitude. Tell yourself that you will accomplish what you set out to do. With this mental focus, one can then channel all energy into accomplishing this.

Watch what you eat

Drink water and lots of it. Water not only helps to burn fat but also keeps you feel refreshed and cool all day round. Water also acts as an appetite suppressant. If you drink water routinely, this will reduce the amount of time you spend hungry and the less you will want to eat. Experts have also agreed that significant calories are burned if ice cold water is had. Water additionally keeps the kidneys clean and removes excess fat. Avoid sodas and carbonated beverages. Fast Foods have to go!

Eat less salt as this has been known to impede the release of water and therefore increases the body size.


Try to minimize carbohydrate intake. What you want to do is focus on consuming the majority of your carbohydrates from vegetable sources while taking in plenty of lean protein and healthy fats. Not only will this reduce overall carbohydrate intake but will likely also slightly reduce your total calorie consumption which is the true determinant of weight loss.


The importance of a good daily workout cannot be over emphasized. A sure way to get in shape fast is to walk a little more. Instead of driving to the corner store, try walking. Take a jog with the kids in the morning or walk the dog a little more. Get a little physical activity into your everyday routine. Walking is a good cardiovascular exercise which not only helps persons to get in shape fast, but has been proven to reduce the risks of heart attacks.

Strength training cannot be ignored. Lifting weights at the local gym or even in the home can be of great benefit. Remember, do not lift more than you are able to handle!

One will still need a structured workout routine. Here is a sample of an effective workout routine that is sure to be effective:

  • Push-ups: Pump out as many as you can do just short of failure. After completion, go immediately to next exercise, which will work your legs to give your upper body a quick break.
  • Pull-ups: The leg exercise gave your upper body a little break, so now perform as many pull-ups as you can just short of failure. If you can’t do any or many pull-ups then use assisted bands to help you get the reps
  • Squats: This workout can be tedious at first but gets easier as you do it more.

Enjoy what you do!

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