How to Build a Boat Dock

Learning to build a boat dock isn’t something exclusively for engineers or seafarers. With some patience you can make one. Just be sure to get help in getting the pieces together.

Required Tools and Materials

Pen and papers
Boards (2 x 6 and 4 x 4)

Measure the Water Depth

Planning is of the utmost importance here. Decide if it will be a fixed or floating dock. Second, you should gauge how large it will be. This allows you to get the right amount of materials.

You must also know the depth of the water around the site. This is necessary to get the right length for the landing area. You will want to build a boat dock on a large scale if the water is shallow. This is a critical aspect. Consult a professional if you don’t know how to gauge the depth.

Plan the Lounging and Boarding Area

The lounge area is where the people stand by. The boarding is the area following it. Make the proper measurements. Again this will be influenced by the depth of the water and also the vessel size.

Create the Lounge and Board Area

To make the lounging, take the wood boards and start cutting. Cut it according to the desired length, height and thickness. Set it aside. Next make the supports. Create as many as needed. The longer the lounging and boarding, the more supports will be required. Fasten the support to the lounge board using screws. To build a boat dock boarding area, follow the same procedure.

When the boarding area is finished, attach bumpers onto it. They need to be placed on the edges.

Positioning the Pieces

The next step is to put the supports in place. This is usually called “driving the posts”. They need to be set in the water. Get some help in setting them in place. Ascertain that they are aligned properly.

Now you need to put the lounge and board part in the right location. When they are in the right area, bolt and screw them tightly. Use eyebolts to keep them in place. To build a boat dock correctly these need to be in the proper alignment. Once fastened, the parts can be very hard to remove.


Seek the advice of a processional. Because the structure will be used by people, safety is paramount. For example, add support to the lounge and boarding. Don’t just make a surface for each one. Add several posts / beams in the bottom. The board and lounge will look like a match box upside down.

Look at several designs before proceeding. A typical board used in a lounge is 4 x 4. Of course the size will vary if what you’re making is bigger or smaller than average.

You need to have some knowledge of working with power tools if you want to build a boat dock. As long as you know how to use them and follow the safety precautions, you’ll be able to construct one.

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