How to Build a Wrestling Ring

The things you’ll need to build a wrestling ring are fairly simple and easy to get. The important thing to remember is to follow these instructions carefully.

Required Tools and Materials

Tarpaulin or canvas
Knife or other cutting object
Ropes (traditional colors are red, blue and white)

Choose the Site

Decide where you want to put it. The location has to be on even ground. Remove any rocks or obstacles on the site.

Taking Measurements

There is no standard size. To help you choose, account for the space available. A measuring tape can help you attain the right proportions. Once you decide on the size, stand in the middle and assess the space. To build a wrestling ring effectively, it’s best if you have another person with you. Get in the projected area and see how freely you can move around.

Creating the Base

Slice some foam at least 2 inches thick and large enough to cover the projected area. Cover this material with the tarpaulin or canvas. Sew the corners so the foam is covered completely.

Cut some plywood. Make it the same size as the foam and tarpaulin. Put the wood board on the ground and place the tarp on top of it. Use adhesive to glue them together. The thickness of the plywood varies. To ensure that you build a wrestling ring that is robust, make it several inches thick.

Creating the Posts

Excavate a hole at least a foot deep in each corner. If necessary use measuring tape to align all four correctly. Insert the posts. If there is space around the hole, fill it up with dirt. You can use concrete too. Put some foam around the posts. Apply some adhesive and add the tarp.

Putting in the Hooks and Ropes

Apply as many hooks as needed to the posts. If you will use three ropes, three hooks per post will be needed. For five ropes, you will need five hooks per post, and so on. The hooks should be placed on the outer part of the post, not in the ring. Carefully align each so the ropes will be straight.

Put the ropes through the hooks. The ropes are very important when you build a wrestling ring as you and your opponent will bounce off it. Secure it tightly.

Safety Warnings

Set the rules before the match. You should also avoid jumping off the ropes as it is very risky. Some of the other moves you see on TV are dangerous so take all the necessary precautions. Make sure you or anyone who gets in the squared circle has a clean bill of health. Some of the actions you see on TV, like hitting your opponents with chairs or being pounded face first on a table, should not be imitated.

Constructed properly, you can have a lot of fun when you build a wrestling ring. As long as you take the right precautions, you’re guaranteed to have hours of fun with your buddies.

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