How to Convert CD to MP3

CDA which stands for CD Audio, is not an audio file format like MP3 or WMV. Rather, when an operating system detects an Audio CD, it reads the basic information written to the CD, including the number of tracks, CD Text if present, total length etc. It also makes CDA labels, though the labels are not real files and are impossible to copy by selecting and dragging them. So to convert CDA to MP3, you will be required to rip your Audio CD, as CDA labels cannot be converted at all, as they contain no audio information.

Things you will need

  • AudioConverter Studio


  1. Download and install AudioConverter Studio to a known location on your computer. Run setup and follow the on-screen instructions to install the application.
  2. Insert the Audio CD that you would like to convert to MP3. Launch AudioConverter Studio. When the Wizard shows up select ‘Rip an Audio CD’ and then select ‘next.’
  3. AudioConverter Studio offers the option to set output folder (1) and filename format (2). Use any folder on your computer; the filename format option will allow you to set a pattern for filename and folder names. That is your converted files can have user friendly names and sorted by folders according to artists, album name, etc. The information for filenames and folder names will be taken from CDDB, or from CD Text if present. Select ‘Next.’
  4. Another wizard page will appear; here, specify MP3 file as the output format, setting your specified MP3 bit rate as well. Note that the ‘prelisten conversion’ box, if checked, will make the application convert only a few seconds of each track. To convert entire tracks, make sure that option is kept unchecked.
  5. When the final page of the wizard pops up check all settings again, and if everything is OK, click ‘finish’ to rip the Audio CD. The converted MP3 will be found in the folder you specified before.


  • Remember that the trial version of AudioConverter Studio is fully functional for 30 days of the evaluation period. Beyond that time, you must buy it to use it.

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