How to Cook Couscous

One of the healthy and tasty side dishes and starters that are usually offered as an alternative to pasta, couscous is consisted of semolina wheat granules. To learn how to cook couscous, it is important to have sufficient background on the traditional way of cooking the dish. If you like to savor and enjoy a delicious meal with your family, try the different delectable recipes that use the wheat as a special ingredient.


Steaming is a popular method of cooking couscous. Heat saucepan and boil 3 cups of water in the pan. Add two teaspoons butter and a teaspoon of salt. Put the wheat in the pan and cover. Remove pan from heat and let the wheat stand in the pan for five minutes. Use a strainer to drain the couscous. Transfer the dish to a clean bowl and pour ¼ cup limejuice over the wheat. Garnish with a teaspoon of chopped parsley.

Ingredients Needed for Green Pepper Couscous

Green Pepper Couscous is one of the most scrumptious and delicious wheat recipes. The ingredients for this recipe are two diced green bell peppers, a tablespoon of margarine and four garlic cloves. To improve the taste of this special treat, it is necessary to include a cup of sliced onion, ½ teaspoon salt and ½ teaspoon ground pepper in the ingredients.


Heat saucepan in low fire and melt the margarine. Sauté onion and add garlic as well as green bell peppers for three to five minutes. Pour 1 ½ cup of water in the pan and boil. Add the couscous and stir. Pour the mixture in a bowl. Cover the bowl. Let the dish stand for four to seven minutes. Season the dish with pepper and salt. Garnish with herbs like a teaspoon of chopped celery or parsley.


Substitute water with chicken stock to make the recipe more flavorful. It is better to use the instant couscous since traditional couscous requires longer preparation and cooking time. Improve the flavor of the dish by adding scallions or other spices. Stir the couscous when added to boiled water to prevent it from sticking to the pan. If there is no available limejuice, substitute this ingredient with orange juice. To compliment this special side dish, serve with grilled chicken or grilled fish. Do not forget to refrigerate the dish if it will not be served immediately. To reheat the dish, set the stove or the microwave oven in low heat for three to five minutes.

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