How to Cut a Mohawk

A Mohawk cut is one of the most stylish hairstyles in the world. It has surpassed the test of time and has been in existence for ages. This particular haircut perfectly fits people with strong and unique personalities. It gives people a nice new look that transcends people with ordinary fashion sense. For those who wish to look cool and trendy, this one is guaranteed to make you stand out in the crowd. Today, not only teenagers sport this fashionable look, but also children and adults as well.

Materials Needed

Learning how to cut a Mohawk is quite simple. The materials needed for the job are not that hard to find. These include sharp scissors and hair clippers for cutting. For draping, get a nice clean towel. The comb is important for styling the hair. Bring in some hair clips as well to separate some hair parts from the others.


Before cutting other people’s hair, it is always best to seat them well. Put an individual in a comfortable, convenient and relaxing position. This is very important because it usually takes at least half-an-hour to cut hair. To facilitate the cutting process, seat the person in a level that makes it easier for the cutter to see the hair. Once this is achieved, get a clean towel and then place it on the shoulder. This will prevent loose hairs from going to the neck part of the person.

Do not cut the hair right away. Determine first what parts to cut and what to leave behind. Ask the other person the preferred length of the Mohawk cut. After deciding this part, use hair clips to separate the hairs to remove from the parts to leave behind. This cut is primarily clean on the sides, while the middle part of the head contains long strands of hairs.

Use the hair clipper to cut the hairs on the side. The desired cut for the sides usually vary so it is very important to ask the person the exact length preferred for the sides. After knowing the desired length, slowly cut through the hair. Be sure not to rush this step. According to hair experts, the average hair length for the side of a Mohawk cut range from 3/8-inch to ½-inch. Run the hair clippers twice on each part. Use the scissors to cut stray hairs.

After cutting the both sides, remove the hair clip from the hairs at the center. Determine the preferred length of the Mohawk. Use the comb to put the hairs in steady position and then cut through the excess length. The length must be even from the front all the way towards the back of the head. Use a stylish gel or other hair preparations to style the cut. Remove the towel from the shoulders and then use it to dust off loose hairs.

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