How to Get on MySpace at School

Although schools have taken steps to block social networking sites, it is still possible to get MySpace in school. Here are some of the methods you can use to gain access to the site.

Proxy Servers

A proxy server allows you to log into the site without using the school server. By using a proxy server, it will appear that the person logging in is from the proxy server, not your computer. If you use a search engine, you will come across websites with links to these servers.

Bookmark as many of the sites as possible, as some tend to be busy. Even if you prefer to use a particular IP, have several handy. If the school finds out, access to that IP will be denied. Have a list of different IPs so you can log on to MySpace even if one IP is blocked.

While some proxies ask for a fee, majority of them are still free. Some of the pay proxy servers however, are much faster and the connection reliable.

Going Mobile

Go online and look for websites that are designed for mobile use. Many mobile phones have the capability to access MySpace, and it is unlikely that your school is blocking the mobile version too. If you are not allowed to use the mobile phone in school, many unblocked websites offer the mobile content.

Install Circumnavigation Software

A circumnavigation program allows you to make a gateway site at your home PC. This will allow you to get MySpace in school. These are available on the Internet, while others can be purchased. Features of these programs vary, so you need to follow the directions closely.

Use a Translation Proxy

A translation proxy or translation engine is used to translate the site into English. Even if you use English, these services are unblocked. They may allow you to get into MySpace.

Tips and Warnings

As stated, there are now numerous programs that allow you to bypass restrictions on MySpace. However, make sure you download reliable programs only. Some programs are poorly made and may be incompatible.

Make sure also that the software has no spyware installed. Spyware may cause damage to your computer. As school administrators keep updating their blocking software, keep updated on the latest circumnavigation software available.

As you can see, there are several ways to get MySpace in school. Make sure to try out all the techniques so you know which one will work.

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