How to Grill

Firing up your grill signals the start of summer or that it’s just warm enough to enjoy a day outside with family and friends. Grilling may seem difficult but you will soon realize that the hardest part of grilling is starting your fire or charcoal grill. There are two types of grills: charcoal and gas. Gas grilling is easier and more popular, but the charcoal grill is a classic and the coals add a unique, grilled flavor to your food.

How to grill using gas

The typical gas grill consists of a stand holding a propane tank, a temperature gauge, burner, rock grate, cooking grid and a hood (covers the food on the grid). Some gas grills contain lava rocks instead of a rock grate but this is purely for aesthetics.

It is very important that you clean and dry the rock grate and the cooking grid before and after you use your grill. Build up on your grid may cause rust or give your food a bitter taste.

Your gas grill starts by pressing a button or following the manufacturer’s instructions. Use the gauge to adjust the temperature based on the type of food being grilled. For meats and poultry the ideal temperature is 350? C. For fish, other seafood, fruits and veggies, you may still use 350? C but for shorter periods. Place the food on the grill and close the hood. Do not disturb food until half the cooking time has passed then turn the food to grill the other side.

The rock grate or lava rocks on your gas grill distributes heat evenly throughout the grill, so your meats, fish, veggies and fruits will be evenly cooked every time.

How to grill with charcoal

The typical charcoal grill consist of a grill-pan, the grill which covers your charcoal and/or wood briquettes, a cooking grid and a hood. Your grill and grid should be cleaned before and after cooking to prevent rusting and to improve the flavor of your food.

Starting your fire

Place charcoal and/or wood briquettes into the grill pan and sprinkle with a small amount of lighter fluid. Use a lit splint to light your fire, placing it almost beneath the pile of coal. Or you may use a rolled sheet of lit paper instead. Once your fire gets going, wait on the flames to die down then start fanning your flames until the briquettes are orange in color. Place the grill atop your briquettes and the cooking grid above it. Your charcoal grill is ready for cooking when the briquettes appear to have ash on them.

Place your food on the grill, cover with the hood and follow cook time instruction. Never disturb the hood until half the cook time has passed, this will affect the cooking process.

Tips and warnings

  • When using a charcoal grill you may use pieces of hickory wood to add a smoke-house flavor.
  • Adjust the heat on a charcoal grill by moving around the briquettes.
  • Never use gasoline to start a fire on your charcoal grill.
  • Always grill in wide open spaces such as your backyard. Never grill inside your home or garage.

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How to Grill

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