How to Jerk

“You’re a jerk” is a 2009 single released by the New Boyz (a rap duo) from their first album Skinny Jeanz and a Mic. The video for the song features a dance called “jerk”, which should not be confused with the 1960s dance craze. The steps of the dance are displayed in the video which teaches you how to jerk. There are many variations to “jerk”, a few of which are at the beginners level, while others are for the experienced dancer. The jerk is an extremely popular dance move so you may want to practice and ensure that you have a level of confidence with it before you do it in public, especially at a club where dancers are known to frequent.

How to jerk: Beginner’s level

Steps to the jerk

  1. Bend your knees so that you appear to be squatting. Make sure that your legs are open and the shape formed is a “V”.
  2. In this squatting position, jump to your right, your left, forwards and backwards.

Steps to do “the reject”

“The reject” is a form of jerk, its objective is seem like you are rejecting someone or something.

  1. Bend your right knee and jump backwards on your left leg.
  2. Jump down on your right leg while bending your left knee.
  3. With your right leg jump forward.

An easier version to the reject is sliding your feet instead of jumping.

  1. Step back with your left foot and then slide your left foot forward while stepping backwards with your right foot.
  2. Now step back with your right foot and then slide your right foot forward while stepping backwards with your left foot. Repeat steps as desired.

Steps to “the pin drop”

  1. Stand with your legs crossed, placing your right leg behind your left.
  2. Go straight down or as far as you can in a twisting motion and then return to your original position in the same twisting motion. Repeat steps as desired.

How to jerk: Advanced level dancers

Steps to the “heel toe”

  1. Stand with your legs together.
  2. With you left leg stand on the ball of your feet and with your right stand on the heel
  3. While twisting your upper body slightly, transfer the motion to the opposite leg, by digging your heel and the ball of your left foot into the ground. This means that after twisting the right leg should be standing on the ball of your foot while the left is standing on the heel. Repeat steps as desired.
  4. When you are just starting out it is best to take it slowly so as to learn the steps properly.

Steps to “berries and cream”

  1. At the end of the heel toe, jump into the air, knocking your ankles together. Think of the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy clicks her heels except this time you are doing it in the air.

Learning how to jerk is a fun process, think of it as a work out while learning new tricks and having fun at the same time.

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