How to Kill a Tree

Trees are among the most helpful and beautiful creations around human beings that it breaks the heart to even think of killing one. But at times, some of them have to be eliminated when they begin to pose as hazards to people or get in the way of progress. Here are ways on how to kill a tree gently.

The Salt Treatment

Bore deep holes around the trunk of the tree. Bore them diagonally going down. The holes should be about half inch in diameter and 3 inches deep. Pour in a salt solution. The solution should have a 1:2 ratio. One part water to two parts salt. Each time the solution disappears, refill. This is one way of how to kill a tree without anyone noticing it. Another option here is to water it with the same salt solution ratio.


Whatever the recommended dosage for fertilizing a tree, double or triple it. The more the better and the faster. Do this especially during the dry season when over-fertilizing can easily “burn up” trees and plants. When bothered about how to kill a tree, simply over feed it. The thought of feeding a tree does not connote anything about killing it, compared to applying the ax to it. So among the best options is to over-fertilize.

Bark It

Chip off large sections of the trunk now and then on a regular basis. This slow killing can make it easy on the tree, as it were. This looks better than actually felling it with an ax or chainsaw. How to kill a tree gently often needs to be done gradually.

Park on It

If the tree is somewhere an area near the garage or adjacent to a street, try to park the car directly under it. The smell or vapor of motor oil is dangerously offensive to trees. More so if they are not watered at all. So, this is a good idea on how to kill a tree without much effort.

Prune to Death

Prune the tree regularly and make sure that less than 2/3 of the fresh leaf and branch young growths are cut. Better yet, cut large portions at a time and apply rugby or glue on the place where a branch is cut off. Some trees are stubborn and will tend to grow no matter how small they get through regular cutting. The remedy? Just keep cutting away till it becomes like a bonsai plant. Then it will be easy to cut entirely.

Cover with Cement

Put a thick layer of concrete around the tree. Place hollow blocks around it as to build a wall around it with two layers. Fill it with concrete. Tree roots hate being suffocated with concrete.

Check Local Guidelines

However, before anything else, check first with the local authorities about laws and guidelines on tree cutting and killing.

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