How to Make a Trap

There are many ways to make a trap, depending on how and what it is intended to be used for. Here are some simple but effective traps.

Create a Boobie Trap

Required Materials

A door





Small objects (marble, jellybean etc)

Step 1

Get the string and tape on one wall to another. This should be done in a narrow spot, like a hallway or corridor.

Step 2

Get a piece of wood and place it on its side against the wall. It should be diagonal to the floor. This means that minus the string support, the wood would fall along the wall.

Step 3

Place a spoon where the wood is going to fall. After you cross the line, you will see the wood will strike the spoon and go up.

Step 4

Place a small object on the spoon. When someone attempts to cross the line, the wood will fall down. This will strike the spoon. The spoon will then hurl the object at the individual passing by. The object will hit the person on the leg.

Tips and Warnings

It’s best to use a small piece of wood as it is easier to work with. They are also simpler to set up and won’t snap the string. The wood dimensions are not important because the energy should be sufficient to propel the spoon.

How to Create a Rat Trap

This is one of the easiest ways to make a trap for rats. Prepare the following materials.

Required Tools and Materials

Piece of wood (long, thin)

A little bit of peanut butter or other bait food

Bowl or bucket

Step 1

Place the bait food in the center of the bucket. Position a ramp so the rats will be able to get into the bucket with ease. Once they are inside the bucket, they won’t be able to escape. You can now dispose of the bucket and the rat.

Step 2

Make sure to place the buckets near the areas where the rats come from. This will make it easier for them to find the bucket. Make sure the ramp is secured to the bucket. Otherwise it might fall off and the rats won’t be able to use it.

These are just some of the simple but efficient ways to make a trap. If you are making the rat trap, be sure to check the buckets regularly. Don’t let the rats accumulate and cause a stink.

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