How to Make Friendship Bracelets

A friendship bracelet is one that you tie around your friend’s wrist. It is to be left there until the bracelet falls on its own. It is a traditional symbol of friendship and it is simply really fun to make. This brings to mind the question on how to make friendship bracelets.

You’ll find bracelets of various shapes like flat or round ones. You’ll also find ones that have different knots and patterns making a potpourri of various colors and designs.

We’ll detail the steps on how to make friendship bracelets. We’ll only walk you through the steps to make a candy stripe bracelet since it is the easiest one to make.

What You Need

There isn’t much stuff you need to prepare on how to make friendship bracelets. You’ll basically need embroidery thread, which is otherwise called embroidery floss and a pair of scissors, which can be bought in a sewing store. Ordinary thread is thinner than embroidery thread. The different colors of the embroidery thread create the striped effect for your bracelet. Take note that your bracelet will become wider with every color you add to it.

Figuring Out the Length

Your first concern on how to make friendship bracelets would have to be how long a thread you’ll have to use. One way to determine the correct length is to wrap one of your embroidery threads around your wrist two times. Another way to do this is to cut the thread at the length from your elbow all the way to your finger tips.

Some say that measuring the string from your elbow to your finger tips is more accurate. Once you have cut your first string at that length cut away other colored strings that you’ll use to make your bracelet.

Tying the Knots

Your next task on how to make friendship bracelets is tying the knots. Tie a knot at one end of your bunch to bind all the strings you’ll be using. Take the string at the far left and make a forward knot. Pull your first string through this opening that you’ve made in the four. You then pull the knot up and tighten. Pull this first string to right to get it out of the way.

Take the next string and do the same pulling your first color string up to tighten the knot. Make knots for all the strings in the row until you have a horizontal line of the first color. You then grab the new string on the farthest left and repeat the whole process making a new horizontal line for each color you have.

Keep doing this until you have a bracelet long enough to fit around your wrist. Tie off the other end when you’re done and trim the ends using a pair of scissors. And that’s basically how to make friendship bracelets using the candy stripe pattern.

How to Make Friendship Bracelets Videos

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