How to Pick a Lock with a Hairpin

To pick locks with a hairpin or a paperclip, you cannot just get one and wriggle it in the keyhole. You need to prepare the object first.

Required Tools and Materials

Hair pin
Locked drawer or door

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to get a suitable pin. Most are very thin so finding one that can fit the keyhole won’t be too hard. The important thing to consider is the flexibility of the object. Some also recommend using one with lots of ridges.

When you find the pin, straighten it out. You can use your fingers. Take care that it doesn’t break. Alternatively you can use a heavy object and set it on top. That’s why its flexibility is crucial. Unless it is flattened, you won’t be able to pick locks with a hairpin.

Step 2

After flattening, put the pin in the keyhole. Insert the pin so that its ridge faces that of the key ridge. Be patient as the ridge for locks differ.

Step 3

When the ridges meet, hold the pin with gentle pressure. Turn it in the direction that opens the drawer. Repeat it until the drawer is unlocked. Make sure that you don’t release the pressure. Balance is required here though. If the pressure gets too hard, the object might snap. The point to remember is that the pressure is gentle and constant.

Step 4

When the lock opens, don’t pull the object out suddenly. To successfully pick locks with a hairpin, pull it out slowly. If you pull suddenly the pin could get stuck.

Tips and Warnings

Do not twist the pin the opposite direction. If you turn it any way other than the one for opening, the drawer will lock up. It can happen that when you try to open it, you accidentally turn it the wrong way. If that happens, pull the pin out slowly. Now put it in and turn the right way.

After opening the drawer, look for the keys. When you find it, try it on the drawer. You’ll want to make sure that it wasn’t damaged in any way.

Patience is the key element when you are trying to pick locks with a hairpin. There are many different locks. Some are harder to open than others. The important thing to remember is to keep trying.

Using pins without ridges can make it more difficult to open locks. Although some have opened locks with few ridges, they can be difficult for first timers. The ridges differ and there is no such thing as the right type. Because the key ridges vary too, you just have to get the pin there and try to align it.

It can also happen that the pin snaps when you are using it. Just get another one. There are many different materials used to make them. It’s best to have different types so you can open the drawer with different types.

Learning to pick locks with a hairpin is easy. It is also a very useful skill. If you have ever felt frustrated at being unable to unbolt drawers and doors, learning this skill will eliminate that problem.

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