How to Repair Damaged Tree Bark

The bark is very important to the health of a tree. If a tree bark was damaged, it will be prone to plant diseases and infections caused by different kinds of insects. In addition, a damaged bark can lead to the premature death of a tree. A bark can be easily damaged by gardening equipment and machines like mowers as well as trimmers. To extend the life of a tree, it is important that gardeners know how to repair damaged tree bark. By following the guidelines below, this task is very easy to accomplish.

Importance of Tree Barks

To know how to repair damaged tree bark, start with learning its importance to the plant. The bark is very significant because it transfers nutrients to the different parts of the tree. If this part has been damaged, it can cause serious threats to the life of the tree. The two easy but helpful methods that can be used to repair damaged bark are to reattach the lost bark to the tree and to clean cut the affected area.

Securing Damaged Bark

The initial step in securing the lost bark is to attach it with the duct tape. This is very important to protect the bark from rains and cold weather. Check the tape regularly. If the tape was removed, replace immediately. Secure the lost bark for three months. Remove the covering after the period because it can kill the tree.

Healing the Affected Area

If the damaged area of the bark was not present, the best solution is to help the tree heal the affected area. Inspect the damaged part regularly and make sure that it is always clean. To help the tree recover immediately, get a sharp knife and cut the part into the shape of an eye. As soon as the area was healed, the tree is safe from plant infections.

Healing Products

There are some products available in local gardening stores that are helpful in healing damaged parts of a tree bark. However, the use of these products can affect the natural healing ability of plants. What is essential when repairing damaged bark is to act as soon as possible because it can improve the chances that the tree survives. Always remember to check the damaged area to ensure that the tree is recovering. If after several months, the damage was still there, then the best move is to seek help from professionals since they can perform several activities like a bark surgery that can help in the survival of the tree.

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