How to Repair Fiberglass Boat Floors

After some time, even the once durable fiberglass boat floors begin to encounter problems. Cracks, holes and rust may start to develop. By knowing how to repair fiberglass boat floors, people can solve these problems easily. Use this particular knowledge to maintain the good quality as well as the superior performance of your boats.

Materials Needed

Learning how to repair fiberglass boat floors is not that hard. By following these simple instructions and procuring all these important materials, anyone can fix such marine vehicles in no time. For those who wish to try this job, purchase high quality epoxy resin. Fiberglass cloth, marine-type gel enamel and sandpaper are also part of the list of needed materials to complete this nice job. In addition, bring in a small paintbrush and resin applicator.


Before engaging in such simple but definitely challenging job, be sure to wear safety equipment as protection from any kind of accident. For the eyes, wearing a pair of safety goggles are guaranteed to provide high quality protection from chemicals, dirt and dust. For the hands, get a pair of rubber gloves in order to prevent being in direct contact with harmful and irritating chemicals.

Once safe, search the entire floorings for voids, cracks and holes. Mark each one of them. Be sure not to skip anything as this may affect significantly the outcome of the task. Mix the epoxy resin. Do not expose it too long in air because this kind of material dries off right in an instant. Because of this, presence of mind is of utmost importance in this particular step. Using the resin applicator, fill each hole, crack or void with ample amount of epoxy resin.

After applying a little coat of epoxy resin on a hole, use a fiberglass cloth to cover the imperfection. The amount of resin must be enough to hold the cloth. Wait for at least four to six hours straight for the repaired areas to dry completely. Once dry, get the sandpaper right away and then use it to smooth out these particular areas. Moisten the sandpaper with a little bit of water before using.

When the repaired areas are completely leveled out by the sandpaper, it is now the right time to put a coat of marine gel enamel on the affected areas. Use the paintbrush to do this. This move will consequently make the repaired areas look smoother and shinier, just like new. Furthermore, the enamel will also serve as protection of the boat against the changing weathers and other important factors that may affect the quality of the fiberglass boat floors.

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