How to Snowboard

When learning how to snowboard, having a qualified instructor or friend with you is a good idea. They’ll be able to point out your mistakes and also help you with some of the basic movements. Even then, you need to practice consistently to master it.

Put on Your Gear

Put on your helmet. It shouldn’t be loose and must be set low. It should be a snug fit, but not feel cramped. The same rule applies with the boots. If it’s too loose, it might come off. If it’s too tight, circulation will be tight. Wear a pair of socks. They shouldn’t be tight.

The Lead Foot

If you’re left handed, lead with the right foot, and vice versa.
Some people don’t follow this rule. Before you learn how to snowboard, get a feel for what lead foot suits you.

Getting on the Snowboard

Set your lead foot on the front binding and fasten it. For step in types, secure it tight. Set your other foot in place. Try bouncing a bit to see if you’re comfortable. Make adjustments until you feel comfortable. In terms of binding distance, it should be shoulder wide.

Put a lead chain on the lead binding. Secure this to your lead boot lace. For a toe cap strap, put it in the middle of your toes. The lead foot binding should have an angle of 15 degrees. For rear binding, it should be oriented to the positive side. Positive means the big toe is oriented to the board’s nose. Get on the ski lift using the snowboard. Get off it with the snowboard.

Practicing on a Hill

To learn how to snowboard, go to a small hill. Pick one with a slope that will let you move at no more than 5 mph. Sit and make sure the board is at a 90 degree angle to the hill. Stand and place pressure on your lead foot. Bend the knees and keep the back straight.

The pressure needs to be maintained as you move along. Switch to your heel’s edge to slow your movement. You can use the heel or your toes to make turns. Move your torso so it faces downhill. This will help you make the adjustments from left foot stance to the heel.

Tips on How to Snowboard

Take your time; snowboarding isn’t easy. Accept the fact that you’ll fall down. To avoid injuries get down as low as possible when you think you’re gong to fall. Do not begin by bending too low though. You might tip over and lose your balance. If you’re riding in a natural manner, keep your arms to the side.


Do not try snowboarding unless you’re wearing protective gear. Make sure your trainer is qualified to teach. Using the wrong methods could lead to injury. When falling, roll along. Do not use your hands as a cushion because you might injure your wrists.

Just like other sports, it will take some time to learn how to snowboard. But if you’re patient, you’ll get the hang of it.

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