How to Transfer Data from One Computer to Another

There are several ways to transfer data from one computer to another. The rapid advances in technology have made this once difficult process easier to do.

Moving Files from PC to a Laptop

Step 1

If you are using Windows, right click the Start button and choose “explore”. Windows Explorer will pop up. Now you can go to the folder where the data is. Use the mouse to select the files. Right click the selected files and several options will appear, including copy and paste.

Step 2

You need to make a local area network or LAN. Right click the desired folder and select “share”. Follow the prompts. Note that a shared folder means other computers on the LAN can see it. Properties like read-only and read and write can be set up.

Step 3

Place all the computers on the same LAN. One of the steps needed to transfer data from one computer to another is to make a folder or folders in the computer you have to put the files in. You can enable the read and write option.

Step 4

Head to the computer where the data is located. Open Windows Explorer and go to My Network Places. Go to Microsoft Windows Network. The PCs on the LAN will be there.

Step 5

To transfer the files, the copy and paste method can be used. The process is not different from the ordinary way you use Windows Explorer.

Other Ways to Transfer Data from One Computer to Another

There are numerous external storage devices that can be used to transfer files to other computers. A USB jump drive is the easiest to use. Place the USB drive into the USB port of the PC. Go to My Computer to verify its presence.

Once you see it, you can copy the files on the PC to the USB drive. Open Windows Explorer and drag the files to the jump drive. Remove the drive after copying the files.

You can also use CD-Rs, CD-RWs, DVDs and external hard drives. CD-RWs usually have to be formatted before they can be used. CD-Rs usually have a limit of 800 MB. That is the reason why the USB drives are popular; their capacity is good for several gigabytes.

As you can see, many and varied are the ways to transfer data from one computer to another. When moving files to an external device, wait for the drive to finish copying files so problems are avoided.

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