How to Use a Diffuser

If you want to get better control of your wavy or curly hair, using a diffuser might be the answer. The plastic type is ideal for tight curls. The foam like variant is suited for looser curls.

Preparing Your Hair

Shampoo and moisturize your hair. Concentrate on the scalp. Make sure when you wash the suds go right down to the ends. Eliminate as much excess water as possible before applying the conditioner. Rinse it well. Wash with cool water.

Dry and cover your hair in the towel. Carefully remove the towel. Add a bit of leave in conditioner and spread through your hair. Try not to move the curls too much.

If you use any other hair styling products, apply them now. Follow the directions. Add some shine serum or mousse. (These steps are necessary before you start using a diffuser; without these preparations, the results will be unacceptable.)

Putting the Diffuser to Work

Follow the instructions for joining it with the dryer. Keep diffusing your hair until it dries up. You can do this standing up or bending. Bending over provides bigger volume. Standing will lift it up. Use the diffuser to scrunch the hair.

Apply the diffuser on different sections. Don’t use it on each section too long however. This will dry the hair. Change the setting to low during the final 5 minutes. When the hair is dry, you’re finished. Put on some shine serum if desired.

Notes on Hair Maintenance

Using a diffuser is just one step in getting nice hair. To avoid hair dryness, shampoo every other day. Others prefer to shampoo twice weekly. Get a high quality conditioner if you plan to shampoo daily. Avoid silicone serums.

Getting the Most out of Diffusers

Get a diffuser with long prongs if you want volume. The longer the prongs, the better it will be for your roots. For the best result, grab large sections of your hair. Cup these into the diffuser. Make sure you head is close to it. You can also move the device in a circular manner. This will give more volume.

Tips and Warnings

If the budget’s tight, try a straightening serum. This will produce ringlets or straighten hair with ease. Using a diffuser is pretty easy, but take all the safety precautions just the same. Keep it a couple of inches from your scalp. Read the user guide to see if
there are other precautions you need to take.

For best results, the diffuser speed should be set at 1. Always make sure the diffuser is oriented towards the roots. Keep the dryer set at a 90 degree angle for optimum effect. Make certain that the hair ends are dried.

The shampoo, conditioner and styling products you use will affect your hair’s look. If you try these techniques but your hair still does not look right, consider getting another shampoo.

Using a diffuser effectively means you need to take care of your hair. This will mean your hair will always look its best.

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