How to Use a Food Mill


A food mill is a kitchen utensil used to mashing or grinding food. It is also known as a puree sieve or passatutto. It is sort of like the juicer of solid foods. Here is how to use a food mill.

Parts of a Food Mill

A food mill has three major components: a bowl, a bottom with holes in it and a handle with blade attached. The food mill will grind food and then pass it down below into a separate container. The container may or may not be part of the food mill, depending on the model and brand.

How to Use a Food Mill

To use a food mill, follow these directions:

1. Assemble the food mill according to the manual’s instructions.

2. Next, place it over a bowl or other container. Make sure it is bigger than the food mill.

3. Pour the food you want to mash or grind into the food mill.

4. Make sure the mill is steady on its feet.

5. Now hold down the handle or crank and turn it around. This begins the grinding or mashing.

6. You may have to turn the handle the other way.

7. Repeat several times until the food has reached the desired consistency.

8. Use the scraper to transfer all the food into the container.

Food Mill Tips

The food mill may come with removable discs with different hole sizes in them. Pick the one that will make the food as fine or as rough as you want it. Refer to the manual.

To clean the food mill, disassemble it as per the directions and wash. Food mills can get messy but like juicers, they are worth it. Once you learn how to use a food mill, you will surely become a “convert.”

Food mills can be used to make fruit purees, soups, tarts, pies and more. Do not use the food mill to grind meat or very hard solids.

Buying a Food Mill

Knowing how to use a food mill is not enough though. You must know how to buy the right model for you. If you plan on using your food mill a lot, or for extended periods, you want to get one of the better models. A food mill has to be tough to withstand heavy usage. You can compare various food mill models and their prices when you go to your local household supply store. If the food mill is too cheap, it may not last long in your hands and ultimately would be a waste of money. Better to invest in a durable model that with a longer lifespan.

Food mills are a handy piece of kitchen equipment. You can find them in the kitchen section of your favorite stores. You can also buy them online.

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