How to Use a Switchboard

Learning how to use a switchboard requires ample knowledge in the field of telecommunications. Since it involves connecting various telephones or outside connections, many have probably thought especially during the height of the usage of this device (before the world shifted to multi-phone systems) that learning this communication tool is really hard to grasp.

However, understanding how to use a switchboard is not entirely that difficult.

Here are the steps:

First: The Important Points to Consider.

One of the things that you have to learn is to first prepare the few things needed to understand this device more. That would include the switchboard or the (transformed) multi-phone line to use, other phones that you should call or connect to, and an ability to focus on the task.

Second: The Various Usages of the Switchboard.

In using a switchboard, you have a number of choices: You may choose to make a certain call connected to several parties as a conference phone call, place the call on hold, place the caller on mute, use the speakerphone, or transfer the call.

Conference Call

To make a conference call, all it takes is just a few simple procedures.

First, you need to either dial a certain phone number or answer a typical incoming call using line one.

Then, simply press the button marked “Conference.” Wait for a dial tone.

Next, get in touch with another party by dialing the number. Wait for your call to be answered, and inform the receiver of the call.

Then using the button for “Conference” connect both callers to each other.

When there are more than two callers, you only need to repeat this procedure by pressing the Conference button.

If you do not wish to be included in the conference call among the parties, just press the button marked “Release.”

Call on Hold

To put a caller on hold, just press the button marked “Hold.” When you’re ready to get back to that person, press the button again.

Call Transfer

Press the button with the word “Transfer” to transfer a call. You may need to wait for a dial tone before dialing the number of the person you will be transferring the caller to. Then, press the button again for transferring, and release the caller.

Mute a Phone Call

To do this, simply press the button marked as “Mute.” And press it another time to let the caller hear you again.

Familiarizing yourself with the steps involved in understanding how to use a switchboard, you will see that it is simply easy to learn the basic functions of this device.

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