How to Use a Tanning Bed

Also referred to as a sunbed, a tanning bed emits ultraviolet radiation to help create a cosmetic tan. It allows people to achieve that nice skin color even without exposing themselves under the warm rays of the sun. With this, it is easier to prevent the adverse effects of too much exposure to ultraviolet radiation such as premature skin aging, immune system suppression and even skin cancer. To enjoy these numerous benefits, it is good to learn how to use a tanning bed.


If you wish to have high quality tan, you have to visit tanning salons. To avoid any inconvenience, it is good to set up an appointment. Hassles and conflict of schedules can easily be prevented by scheduling the session some time after work. Inside the salon, try to tell the attendant right away that you have not yet used a tanning bed. This way, that person can assist you in the best way possible and assign you a bed that is suited for first-timers.

It is also good to ask for a bronzing lotion sample. This is better than other types of lotions because this one is less likely to have your skin burned after undergoing the process. A good brand can help you achieve that perfect tan without leaving your skin reddish in appearance. Once you are inside a tanning booth, it is good to lock the door so that no one can accidentally enter the room while you are undressed.

If you wish to have a balance tan all throughout your body, it is best to strip down completely. If you can, try to remove your underwear as well because it can cause some parts of your body to have a different color especially when your session is over. If you are cautious about the germs inside the tanning bed, you can spray antibacterial solutions or disinfectants before lying down on it. Sit on the edge first and then lie down slowly after.

To make yourself comfortable, turn on the fan inside the room. This will help circulate the air inside to make your session a more convenient experience. It is good to try it first because staying for a longer period on the bed. Try it first for about 10 minutes. In case the skin on your face feels tight, try to move out of the bed and then push the stop button. Cut the session and never compromise the condition of your skin by exposing it to something irritating.

After a successful session, try to soothe your skin by applying a moisturizing body lotion or an aloe vera gel. This can actually help repair damage and relieve your skin from the drying effects of the tanning process. Apply deodorant, powder and facial lotion as well after your session is over. Try to observe salon etiquette by living the room orderly and clean.

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