How to Use Microsoft Sharepoint

What is Microsoft Sharepoint?

Microsoft Sharepoint is a family of programs created by Microsoft Corp. for business users to share data at work. Sharepoint can run Internet, Extranet and Intranet sites. It is a portal that makes it easier for individual workers and teams alike to collaborate on a project at the same time. Sharepoint is popular in the business world because it saves time and money and encourages productivity.

Microsoft Sharepoint smoothens workflow by making it easier to keep track of and edit the same files. Instead of different copies stored on each person’s computer, Sharepoint is a portal where everyone with permission can access the same project. No more need to send files via e-mail, a time-consuming and awkward process.

How to Use Microsoft Sharepoint with Documents

To give an example how Sharepoint works, here is how you use the Document Libraries feature. You can access files and folders in the Document Libraries as you would on your hard drive. Your team can edit different file types but it works best with Microsoft Office files.

– You can use the “Alert Me” feature so you’ll be notified when a team member updates a file.
– You can use “Export to Spreadsheet” feature to export and edit an Excel version of the folder contents.
– You can ‘Upload Document” to add a file to the Libraries.
– The “Filter” lets you set parameters for file viewing, so you see only the ones you need to.
– You can view a file’s properties by placing your mouse over it and clicking on the down arrow.
– In the properties box, a “Check In” option allows you to restrict editing on that file, so only you can modify it.
– Still in the properties area, “Version History” shows you the revisions made on that file.

How to Use Microsoft Sharepoint to Share Files

To share a file, you just upload the document.

– Start in the “Quick Launch” area.
– Go to “Shared Documents.”
– Choose “Upload Document.”
– You now “Browse” to the folder where your file is located.
– A dialog box will appear listing all files in that folder. Click on the file you want and select “Open.”
– If a file of the same name already exists in the Sharepoint destination folder, it will ask you to confirm the overwrite.
– If yes, check the overwrite box and click on the “Save and Close” tab.
– Your upload is done!


Knowing how to use Microsoft Sharepoint can save your company a lot of time, trouble and expenses. In today’s world where everyone is mobile, teams are often scattered all over the map. Sharepoint lets you overcome this obstacle by putting work within everyone’s reach.

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