How to Use Sony Walkman Mp3 Player

One of the famous lines of portable music players available in the commercial market today is the Sony Walkman MP3 player. Some of the special features of these products are stereo speakers, music and video playback as well as FM tuner. The music players are user friendly, so consumers will not have problems using them. If you are interested in purchasing the product, below are some instructions that you can follow to know how to use Sony Walkman MP3 players easily.

Setting the Clock

One of the features of the product is a clock. In order to set the clock, you need to put the player in a stop mode. Hold the menu button of the device for several seconds. When the menu appears on the screen of the music player, select the Date/Time option and choose the Stop/Play option. Choose the time and year. Afterwards, select the Menu/Search button to return to menu. As soon as the menu appears on the screen, press the Menu/Search button once again to exit.

Downloading Music

If you like to download music to the portable music player, you should plug the USB cable of the player into the USB port of your computer. Put the cursor on the Windows Media Player icon and double click on the mouse. Choose the Sync option and select songs that you would like to download to the music player. Drag the highlighted files on the sync pane. Choose the Start Sync option to begin downloading the songs.

Downloading Video

To do this task, you need a computer or laptop and the Windows Media Player application. Connect the laptop or computer to your portable music player with the use of the USB cable included in the package of Sony Walkman MP3 player. Launch the Windows Media Player program. Choose the Walkman option on the menu of the application. Search the files that you like to download or transfer to the music player. Drag the files to the Walkman option. Click the Walkman option to check if all the files were downloaded.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

To maximize the uses of the device, it is important to buy accessories for the device. Some of the peripherals of Sony Walkman MP3 player are speakers, premium headsets as well as docks. In addition, it is also important to be sure that the device has the basic features, namely rechargeable batteries and Sony branded software that can be used to sync files.

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