How to Use Wifi

Wifi is a wireless Internet connection that can be used to connect a computer, cell phone, a PDA, or any device that is ready to connect to a wireless network. There are several details that you need to cover to figure out how to use Wifi. Here is some solid information on how to connect a wireless device to the Internet along with a few tips that will help you along the way.

Required Equipment

To learn the complexities of how to use Wifi, you will need the following equipment. First is a device that is ready to connect wirelessly to the Internet. A good piece of hardware to start with would be a computer. Next, you will need a wireless gateway, which is referred to as a wireless router. Your router should be connected to the Internet via your Internet Service Provider or ISP for short.

How to Use Wifi

Your router should be configured according to the directions specified by your ISP. Part of the configuration would include the device’s password that you can set on your own. You should also setup your log-in name and password if you have a PPPoE Internet connection.

You may have to turn off SID Transmission to ensure that your Wifi signal doesn’t wander off to any other Wifi device. You should also identify your network’s name as well. Remember to use some sort of signal encryption to avoid getting your network hacked. This is an important step to take to ensure security of your network.

You can use WEP encryption in order to add protection to your network. With this type of encryption, all devices that will request Internet access should provide a code. Only the devices that are able to log in with the said code can be granted any access into the network and on the Internet.

Tips on How to Use Wifi

You might sometimes experience some speed issues with regard to your connection. The first place to look would be the settings of your router. You can adjust the connection speed within your wireless network by changing some settings on your router. Another factor to consider is the signal strength received by each computer or device connecting to your wireless network. You may have to reposition some devices to get a better signal.

If you’re still experiencing slow speeds in spite of connection adjustments on the router or on your wireless devices, you may have to call your ISP to resolve such an issue. Learning how to use Wifi will require some time. You will learn how to solve various issues along the way as you gain experience.

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