How to Write a Formal Letter

Learning how to write a formal letter is very essential to communicate with professional people and business people. If you are new to writing such letter, you should know and consider some of the most important pointers. Sending a well-written formal letter is important to create a good impression to the reader. To learn more about writing this type of letter, below are the pointers that you need to know and instructions that you must follow. The materials that you will need are also mentioned below.

Materials Needed

To write a formal letter, you need a clean paper with letterhead. It is also important that you have a PC and a writing program such as MS Word to help you make the letter. Above all, you should have a simple envelope where you will place the letter before sending it to the recipient.


If you do not have a paper with your letterhead, you need to write a return address at the upper right portion of the paper. Make sure that the return address is complete before proceeding with the next step. Afterwards, click the enter tab in the keyboard and write the date. Be sure that you spell out the month. Press the enter tab twice and indicate the address of the recipient at the left portion of the paper. Double space and write the recipient’s full name as well as the job position and address of the recipient.

Press the enter tab twice and write an opening salutation. Double space and write the first paragraph. The initial paragraph must include your purpose for writing the letter. If you are applying for a job, make sure that you write this purpose as straightforward but respectful as possible. You can also indicate a reference for the letter at the opening paragraph. The reference for the letter can be a previous phone conversation or a previous lunch meeting with the recipient.

After the opening paragraph, double space and start the body of the letter. Make sure that you present all the information clearly. If you are writing criticisms or comments on the performance or service offered by a company, you need to be concise.

As soon as you state all the information that you want the recipient to know, you can write the closing paragraph. In this paragraph, you can write a future contact if you are interested in meeting the recipient. It is also important that you thank the recipient for allotting time for reading your letter.

Double space and write a closing salutation such as ‘Respectfully Yours’ or ‘Sincerely Yours.’ Provide four spaces and write your full name. Sign above your full name and send the letter to the recipient.

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