How you will be able to watch the TV over the Internet

To watch TV on the Internet, you will need to buy a TV tuner card. There are two types. The internal card has to be set in the computer. The external TV tuner card can be installed in a USB slot. External cards are more expensive but they are required for laptops. Once you have the card, you’re ready to go.

Step 1

Turn off and unplug the computer. If you have an internal slot, look for a PCI slot in the PC. The slot is long and white, and located at the rear of the computer.

Place the tuner in the slot. Do not force it in. Take off the metal plate at the case aligning with the PCI slot you will be utilizing. If the tuner is for an external USB slot, just place it in the slot.

Step 2

Get the TV coaxial cable and connect it to the tuner card’s input port. Make sure you don’t use the connection labeled FM.

Step 3

The next step to watch TV on the Internet is to hook up all the computer cables again. Plug the computer on. Double check and make sure the connections are correct.

Step 4

Install the tuner card drivers into the PC. The drivers will come from the CD provided with the dev9ce. Or you may have to go to the manufacturer website.

Step 5

Start the software after the installation. You may also get TV recording software to record channels.

Other Options

If you don’t want to use the TV tuner card, you can still watch TV on the computer via satellite TV channels. You can find these companies online.

You can also go directly to the TV station’s website. The major TV stations in the US have TV presence on the Net. As the feed is directly from the company, the quality is high

There are also websites that let you watch cable TV on the Internet. You can find these using a search engine. Once you get to the site, you have to register an account. Next, follow the instructions and you should be able to watch TV online.

Many of these services allow you to watch these shows commercial free. Compare the services so you can determine which is the best.

As you can see, there are many ways to watch TV on the Internet. Once you get a taste of what’s available online, your TV viewing experience will never be the same.

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