Low Blood Sugar Symptoms

Hypoglycemia is the term used to refer to people who have low blood sugar. People may have low blood sugar symptoms and it could be unknown to them that they have hypoglycemia. This condition is many times not diagnosed primarily because people may not realize that how they feel is characteristic of low blood sugar symptoms. In that regard they do not visit the doctor to get the correct diagnosis.

For people who find themselves having low blood sugar symptoms they should get checked by a doctor and have the condition treated to prevent the state from growing worse. Unconsciousness or possibly death could result if there is a significantly low blood glucose level. Hypoglycemia could manifest into diabetes due to failure of the adrenal gland and the decreased production of insulin by the pancreas. Symptoms associated with low blood sugar are based directly on diet. Some persons can swiftly develop low blood sugar subsequent to eating particular foods. The symptoms of low blood sugar are thought of as unreasonable behavior,and include feelings of deep anger, depression, emotional instability, nervousness, and  mental confusion.

Initial low blood sugar symptoms are cravings for sweets in exorbitant amounts between meals and a craving for starch. Fatigue, disruption in vision and headaches may come about if the blood sugar levels fall too far under the normal range. Additional symptoms may be experienced such as numbness, sweating, trembling, dizziness, absent mindedness and there may also be sex related problems. People who have low blood sugar will feel hungry and eat constantly to cover the weakness and irritation they feel. Persons that have low blood sugar may also become tense if they go for long intervals without food.

Mild Case of low blood sugar

The symptoms of a mild case of low blood sugar occur when there is a fall in blood sugar levels under 70 mg/dL. These symptoms may be a clammy, cold wet skin as a result of the abnormal sweating. Also severe hunger may be experienced. A rapid heartbeat is another symptom.

Moderate case of low blood sugar

The nervous system will become affected if the blood sugar keeps falling. The symptoms in the moderate case will occur if the blood sugar level goes under 55 mg/dL. The symptoms may be significant mood swings which may include anxiety and restlessness. Difficulty concentrating is also experienced. Motor ability such as walking may be affected as staggering occurs. There may also be problems with the person’s speech being slurred. Lethargy is another symptom that may be witnessed.

Severe case of low blood sugar

If blood sugar falls below 35 mg/dL then symptoms of low blood sugar will be experienced. These could be seizures, hypothermia or low body temperature, or persons may go into a coma. If severe low blood sugar is sustained this could lead to brain damage that cannot be reversed as well as heart problems particularly for those who have coronary heart disease.

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