Spots on Tongue

Spots on tongue may be considered to be black or white spots. These spots can however be unattractive and need urgent attention. The frequent use of tobacco, regular consumption of alcohol and lack of proper oral hygiene may result in spots on tongue.

White Spots on Tongue

Oral Thrush
Oral thrush is caused by the Candida albicans yeast and is considered to be a yeast infection. The result is creamy white lesions on the tongue and inner cheek which may cause difficulty when trying to taste food.

This is where white patches are formed on the tongue due to a condition which causes the tongue’s cells to multiply.  These patches cannot be scraped off.

Oral lichen planus
This condition is associated with high stress levels and is usually seen in middle aged people. Oral lichen planus is characterized by white, lacy patches on the tongue, inside the mouth, and sometimes on the lips and gums as well.

Black Spots on Tongue

Black spots on tongue, also termed as hairy tongue occurs when the papillae on the tongue grows to the point where bacteria and food debris get entangled in it.

Causes of Black Spots on Tongue

Hyper Pigmentation
Hyper Pigmentation which is also called oral fibroma usually appears as black spots either on the upper or lower surface of the tongue.  It is in most cases genetic and in rare instances it surfaces on its own.

Oral Cancer
This is a rare occurrence in cancer patients but in marginal instances prone to generating black spots on tongue. The cancerous tissues located in the oral cavity inescapably cause disruption of its pigmentation, resulting in black spots on tongue.

Hairy Tongue
There is said to be black spots on tongue or hairy tongue due to the blood curdling appearance of black hair on the tongue as a result of several substance abuse. The chances of developing black spots on tongue increases threefold for tobacco users. Whether the tobacco is chewed or smoked, the results are the same. The same results (spots on tongue) are also guaranteed for persons who frequently consume alcohol and antibiotics.

Tongue Piercing
There are instances where healed tongue piercing leaves behind dark spots on tongue, especially the surface due to subsequent loss of pigmentation.  The result of compromised pigmentation is that the color of the tongue fades away and mild black spots are produced.

Symptoms of Black Spots on Tongue

The symptoms that are experienced due to the overgrowth of the papillae and food being entwined in it resulting in the formation of bacteria,  is that the individual may experience the growth of a large bump.

Tips and Warnings

The multiplication of cells in Leukoplakia can result in the cells becoming cancerous.

It is advised that individuals with oral lichen planus should reduce the intake of spicy foods and refrain from getting too stressed.

Several of the conditions listed can be avoided or resolved by lessening or discontinuing the use of tobacco and alcohol.

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