Sweep Picking

Playing a guitar can be as simple as other hobbies. It can be compared to needle crafts, sporting activities, or even video games. In fact, playing the guitar is one of the most widespread leisure activities across the world. Many people enjoy playing the guitar, and prefer that instrument over others since it is easier to play. Almost anyone can learn to play the guitar. All it takes is practicing everyday. As long as a person adheres to the practicing, very soon they will be playing their favorite tunes. Guitar playing is so fun filled that once learned, it will certainly not be forgotten.

What Is Sweep Picking

Sweep picking describes a technique used to play a guitar; a most highly desired technique. It takes in notes which are played fast, or slowly which adds a wonderful variety to ordinary guitar playing. Learning the technique can cause one to become frustrated because sweep picking calls for total control when compared to other techniques that should be learnt in guitar playing.

Sweep picking is utilized with arpeggios – picking the notes of a chord individually either in the ascending or descending order. During the sweep picking strategy, the player plays a number of strings in only a downward motion for ascending, or upward strokes for descending. Sweep picking requires a unique tactic to master the technique successfully.

The right hand should be used to do all the picking when using the sweep picking technique. It should be carried out with accuracy and grace. The technique can be compared to a control strum, meaning that all strings cannot be played at the same time. When this is done, it will give a chord-like sound. Furthermore, the strings should not be picked in the same way that notes are picked. The concept of sweep picking involves using the hand to push the guitar pick through the guitar strings without using any pressure to push the string. One has to learn the art of lifting the fingers and placing them on new notes in accurate timing.

Steps to Learn Sweep Picking

To learn sweep picking, you must first determine a midpoint position to enable the pick up, and put two or more fingers in that position. In so doing, you have provided a spot to serve as a lever to control the right hand sweep. Hold the pick and leave plenty of the plastic visible. Use the pick in a straight sweeping motion; not like strumming.

The left hand is involved as well. Place the left thumb at the back of the neck of the guitar, and make sure that no thumb is visible over the fret board as this will greatly reduce the need for you to stretch. Pick the notes slightly so that the note still make a sound. You should be able to move your hands at a faster pace. Determine the areas where the fingers should go and allow them to glide. Practice everyday until you find that the movements flow naturally.

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