Vision Statement

A vision statement is a critical element of the construction of a strategic framework for significant success of an individual or entity.

A vision statement is commonly referred to as a picture of the desired status of the company or entity in the future. This definition, while helpful, falls short of the true meaning of vision statement. A vision statement establishes the inspiration and the framework for an organization’s strategic planning.

Difference Between a Vision Statement and a Mission Statement

Persons often are confused by the terms, but the inherent difference between them is that the vision statement concentrates on the internal management of the entity, while the mission statement is external and incorporates customers and clients.

Persons Who May  Use A Vision Statement

A vision statement may be applied to the life of an individual or to the operations of a group or entity. It may be created to guide an entire company or just a segment. The key question to be answered by a vision statement regardless of the user is “Where do we/I want to go?”

The Role of a Vision Statement

Those who construct vision statements are in essence creating a tangible representation of the desired goals of the organization. This serves to remind business owners, managers and employees of what the business is really about.

A vision statement may not be able to instruct individuals on how to achieve goals but it is critical in positioning the business on a trajectory for success. This is why a vision statement’s construction must be guided by the imaginations and dreams of policymakers and stakeholders.

Constructing a Vision Statement

The foundation elements of a vision statement should contain the main services offered, as well as the capacity possessed by the individual or entity. Additionally, the vision statement should reflect the long run; which means that a vision statement that covers a year or two may be inadequate. Extreme care should be taken in the construction of a vision statement since it informs the allocation of resources as well as decision making.

Example of a Vision Statement

This vision statement may be used by an educational institution:

‘An institution which provides instruction in a vast number of academic disciplines and which provides avenues and opportunities for the development of the complete character of pupils culminating in the production of model students for the society.’

Personal Vision Statement

A personal vision statement should capture the ideal goals or future objectives of an individual. The length and structure of this type of vision statement will be dependent on the individual who is creating it. It is important for individuals to create personal vision statements since vision statements are often welcomed by potential employers on applications and resumes and they may be requested during job interviews.

Additional Information

A vision statement is supposed to be about what the organization or individual wishes to become. It is highly recommended that businesses adopt a vision statement that appeals to all the members of the organization, since such a statement helps the members to feel a sense of pride and helps to foster unity and productivity.

Vision statements may vary in length. However, shorter vision statements have the advantage of being easily remembered and therefore easily adopted by individuals.

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