Ways to Break Up with Your Girlfriend

Men can find a number of valid reasons why they should breakup with their girlfriends. For instance, you find out that your girl is hooking up with someone else. Likewise, you may soon realize that you fall out of love with the girl that you used to adore. No matter what these reasons are, they are good as long as they can benefit you both. For those who do not know how to execute this trick, here is a quick feature on the different ways to break up with your girlfriend.

Annoy Her

Most women judge men through their behaviors and other peculiarities. While some characteristics and personalities may appear cute, others can truly be annoying. Start by not showering. This can somehow turn your lady off. Next, forget special events like your anniversary, Valentine’s Day or birthday. This is actually a major blow as it shows that you do not really care for her. These acts and other insensitive moves clearly show your lack of care and interest for her. In the end, breaking up with her is easier to do.

Send a Breakup Text Message

If you want to spare yourself from any kind of argument after breaking up with your girl, you can instead do it directly through text messages. A crazy way of doing this is by sending her shortcuts like ‘iabuwy,’ and then follow it with a smiley face at the end. In case she asks what ‘iabuwy’ means, tell her ‘I am breaking up with you.’ Because she is far from you, you can avoid any kind of argument or physical violence thereafter.

Change Your Address

Another way of breaking up with a girl is to change your address. Pack your bags and then transfer to a far away place, preferably some place that she does not know or have no idea at all. Once she cannot find you anymore, it implies that your relationship is finally over. If you plan to do this, be sure not to tell her about the new address. Likewise, never give a hint in order to prevent any possibility of her to find you.

Set Her Up With Your Friend

In case you really do not love your girl anymore, you can instead set her up with any of your trusted friends, preferably one that is good-looking, good-natured and single. This is a nicer alternative and it helps ease the pain because your friend is there to comfort your ex-girlfriend. At the same time, you can also help your single buddy find a partner in no time.

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