Ways to Get High Without Drugs

Feeling good doesn’t mean you need to take dope or crack. Here are some natural ways to get high without drugs.

Do Volunteer Work

This may seem odd, but as anyone who’s done charity work will tell you, it will uplift your spirit in a way that pills can’t match. You can volunteer to pack calamity goods for disaster victims, assist those in the homeless shelter or join an anti illiteracy program. You don’t just end up feeling good about yourself, but others will appreciate your efforts.

Join a Cause Oriented Group

Are you passionate about cleaning the environment? Do you want to help others learn more about AIDS, cancer or illnesses? Why not join or form a group dedicated to it? This way you can channel your energies and passion into something truly productive.

This is really one of the best ways to get high without drugs. By working for something you truly believe in, you’ll develop a sense of purpose that maybe wasn’t there before.

Play Video Games

If you had a tough day at work or school, playing your favorite game is a quick fix. Those beat ‘em up and first person shooters can be very exhilarating. If you’re into racing games, there’s no shortage of options either. For more thrills, you can play with your friends.

Watch Your Favorite Sports Team

You can call up your friends to your house and watch the game together. Watching it alone is not as fun as when you’re hanging out with your buddies and enjoying the game. You can then share in your team’s success (or failure).

Another way to get high without drugs is to watch you favorite team live. Being right there in the stadium and close to the action can really get you pumped up. It isn’t just the action on the field; the reactions of the fans around you can also provide an adrenaline rush.

Get into Extreme Sports

There are extreme sport video games, but you can try them out yourself. You can go skateboarding or try nifty tricks with a bike. For more thrills, you can try sky diving or paragliding. If you’re into watersports, you can also go jet skiing, surfboarding or parasailing.

Other Ways to Get High without Drugs

Getting high doesn’t necessarily entail frenetic activity. Some people get their kicks from shopping or watching a high octane action film. There are video games that allow you to sing and dance along to your favorite songs. You and your friends can go to the beach during the weekend. You can go swimming, diving or just play ball in the waters.

For others, getting a natural high comes from listening to their favorite tunes. They just turn on their mp3 player and savor the music. If you love to party, then heading down to the nearest club will do the trick.

These are just some of the ways to get high without drugs. You don’t need to get into all these activities; you just need to do what is the most fun for you.

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