Ways to Increase Metabolism

Need help with your slow metabolism that’s giving you an unhealthy lifestyle? Perhaps, you should follow some of the most common and simplest ways to increase metabolism that most of the health buffs follow.

First: Don’t live a sedentary lifestyle.

One of the best ways to increase metabolism is to keep on moving. When you have an active lifestyle, your metabolism rates speed up.

An hour of aerobic exercise or resistance training would be good choices to get active. If you don’t have time for this or if the nearest gym is miles away from you, you may choose to do your exercises at home with a CD or VCD exercise tape.

Or, you may do some household chores like cleaning the house, gardening, and others which also help in making you sweat and increase your metabolism. Or, you may choose to jog or run or speed walk around your neighborhood.

Remember: The more vigorous the exercise, the more your metabolism will increase.

Second: Munch on something more often.

Don’t opt for having just two to three large meals and hope for your metabolism to rise. That won’t work. Instead, have small and regular meals in the entire day.

Third: Go to a sauna or steam room.

Steam rooms or saunas help you sweat while you relax. What’s more, there is a finding that an increase of metabolism of around twenty percent is possible when you go to saunas. But, if you have some illnesses or other health problems that would only worsen because of the heat, it’s best not to do this.

Fourth: Never ever skip breakfast.

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. So, if you skip this, you not only skip the health benefits that this would bring to provide you energy throughout the day, but you also contribute to the slow metabolism process that you actually want to change.

Fifth: Don’t sleep on a full stomach.

It is typically common for most to feel sleepy after eating a large meal at night. But you should resist the urge to sleep at once or you would only make your metabolism become slower.

Thus, eat dinner early. And allow your body to rest and sleep well to recuperate and grow. Don’t choose to eat three hours before sleeping or you will only have a harder time in boosting your metabolism not only during the night but also in the following morning.

Sixth: Eat more protein-enriched foods.

Protein-enriched foods like chicken (without the skin on), low-fat dairy products, and lean meat can also help increase metabolism. Furthermore, when you eat protein foods, you get more vitamins and minerals in your body to help repair and build your overall health.

These ways to increase metabolism has helped lots of people who are looking for ways to boost their metabolism rates just like you. As such, proper diet combined with an active lifestyle is very beneficial not only to one’s metabolism but also to one’s overall health.

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